Is Positano Worth the Hype?! Italy’s Amalfi Coast

Positano Italy is a dream like town in the south of the Amalfi Coast but does it live up to all the Instagram and social media hype it receives? Here is a real look at Positano 2019 from Spiaggia Grande to Fiordo di Furore.

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  1. I’ve contributed to the madness…. but to do a blog on Positano and not stay there is the problem. You unfortunately missed most of the best places. Next time you go, let me know and I’ll change you view.

  2. “This beach is absolutely beautiful, but it’s not perfect. Let me tell you why”

    Because you’re there.

  3. OMG why is no-one getting what he meant? If I am a tourist, I do not want to be surrounded by other tourists as much, I totally get that and by the way hate the Italian-pricing….as always way too high…

  4. Haha… Millennials are so predictable…. If it’s not posted on social media, it never happened! πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜† Tip: avoid going in June, July or August.

  5. Really nice video. Did you record your own drone footage for this video or rent it elsewhere? And if you took the drone footage yourself, did you get a permit or just yolo? Cheers mate.

  6. I was born and raised in Positano. If you really want to enjoy Positano try to meet the local people and hang out with them

  7. I’m Italian and….. 5 euros for a ice cream it’s too expensive!!!! go in Turin (north Italy) and remake your eyes!!!

  8. 3:00 jack sparrow was actually muslim and working for the ottoman empire (after feeling from the British)

  9. I was there not to long ago. I was shocked to see most building in major disrepair needing stucco repair, covered in mold, and needing paint. It looked really slummy….

  10. So many negative comments so I just wanted to say that I enjoyed this video and it was informative! Thanks πŸ™‚

  11. Yes, it’s touristy, but still the region was uniquely beautiful and romantic. It’s tiny bit reminiscent of SF bay, but it’s unique. I would love to go back.

  12. I who live there, I can tell you that already if you stay in castellammare you save 50% … I can confirm with a video

  13. Apero spritz is: Aperol (which is an erbal liquor) + prosecco + sparkling water, and an orange slice. Bothing more 😊

  14. Was there for a week last year. It is very beautiful. The food is pretty good for a smaller town. The beach is not the greatest and few hotels have pools. Great place to spend a few days. Easy boat ride to Capri which is pretty nice.

  15. If anyone thinks that is beachly beautiful, have never been to my hometown, Manly NSW, Australia. If u want beautiful beaches – well I suggest you Check out Australia

  16. its kinda true, its an expensive vacation spot. but after experiencing it, its all worth it, i would still love to come back. I have a great time in positano.

  17. Yo these comments are nuts. The fact that these folks watched a beautiful 14 minute video just to complain at the end is hilarious.

  18. This video is an example of why Kara and Nate are my favorite Travel vloggers. They always respect the culture, wherever they go. Did Charlie get them to take a few scary risks? Sure. But they always, always respect the people, customs and culture of the locations they visit.

  19. Just leave Amalfi Coast alone! Go back to Bali and enjoy it! I go there sometimes twice a year to adore it! Even people at this part of Italy are not the nicest I just sit there in Sorrento-Positano-Ravello and happy to alive! You want to be a sensation by this video but you are not ! Amalfi Coast beats you! Stopped watching it after 3 minutes as it was clear you really wanted to find something wrong there!

  20. Prices in the most expensive places in the world are not that bad to me, because I live in Perth AU, this place is expensive πŸ˜….cant wait to be there this May πŸ€—

  21. you only showed us the beach area though? what about the path of the gods, the hole in montepertuso, the villa romana, the cave of fornillo? I loved Positano, so much to do and if you stay in montepertuso or nocelle the hotel or Airbnb prices are as low as 50 euro a night. I agree that its better with some planning though as if you go without knowing, then yes you end up seeing only the beach and the church.

  22. The road along the Amalfi coast is insanely narrow. At spots cars need to back up or move off the road to let coaches pass. Did I see correctly? You parked roadside?😬

  23. Anywhere the cruise ships can land you will get butf*cked on prices. Head inland to areas like Umbria and enjoy beautiful scenery, with great prices and less annoying loud Americans!

  24. Positano is an “Instagram sensation”? Um, this is what happens when your exposure to the world and culture is only through the very narrow lens of social media. Positano has been an Amalfi coast hotspot since the 50s.

  25. Car parking for Euro 6/hour… did you consider just travelling (only) by scooter? I think that these old towns/villages have an issue of space, because they were built before cars were introduced.

  26. in absolutely normal in italy to have public and private beach because a lot of people that live in place with the sea make their own business on this… so probably prices will be different city to city but there will always be more private then public beachs

  27. Really didnt like the Almafi coast, yes it has pretty views but the beaches are really poor, the people are not particularly warm, drivers are just crazy and just not a “dream destination” that people talk about.

  28. I think it is time to visit GREECE as well. Try to visit except Santorini and Mykonos, the island of Milos, koufonisia, Paros and Naxos. So many beautiful places, not only the islands but the mainland as well. Greece is 10 times beautiful than Italy, trust me. I’ve been 11 times to Greece, nothing compares to the beauty of this country.

  29. I went to Amalfi instead of Positano and it was so chill, way more affordable and just as beautiful, the only issue was that the ferry to Capri was over an hour and really bad for sea sickness – but I’d choose Amalfi over Positano any day!

  30. did you go to the Amalfi Coast and stay only on Positano?
    You don’t need a car to visit the Amalfi coast .. you save a lot of money if you don’t have a car … you have buses and trains. I did Naples, Pompeii, Sorrento, Atrani, Amalfi, Ravello and Positano without a car and i saved a lot of money… probably half of your budget
    You say it is a very touristy place, however you are pure tourist!! Jumping a fence? Parking on the main road? But are you 5?! You were supposed to be a traveler not a tourist.. Behave like that. You lost me…

  31. Someone whos traveled throughout the area please respond. Would Seiano be just as beautiful as Positano? Is the food and location be just as good? Or is there something special about positano.

  32. Nope dirty beaches wall to wall tourists expensive as hell Puglia/Apulia better nice white beaches lots cheaper

  33. I have literally been there ten years ago and my parents were so excited because Positano has always been well known, even when they were children

  34. Complain, complain, complain….do you think that it’s different in any other touristic place?

  35. I think your videos are great, very informative and entertaining. Have you visited ikaria, Greece?

  36. this is one of my favorite if not my all time favorite place in the world. i recommend coming here in late spring to avoid more tourists. many italians also come here during the summer from other areas to vacation so it’s extra crowded. late spring is beautiful, you can still go in the water and avoid more crowds. many of the locals i spoke to love the tourism. it keeps their businesses flourishing. i think there’s a mistake in calling it an instagram sensation. it is not popular because it is an instagram sensation. it became one because it is beautiful and an amazing place to come to. social media doesn’t rule everything.

  37. Amalfi is way nicer. Capri is nicer too. Positano is overrated. Been there and I prefer the other two places.

  38. Your reckless behaviour says otherwise. I now think maybe you guys actually broke some rules in that south american island nation too.

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