Jungle Adventures in Costa Rica – Things to do on the West Coast (Documentary in 4k)

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  1. great tour thanks for sharing your experience aounrd the worl ..are you from canada ?

  2. Costa Rica looks amazing 😁. We just travelled to Mexico in 2012. But it was an All-inclusive resort. We want to explore south- and central america just with backpacks.

  3. Just loved it. Did you know i use your videos for teaching English. My students already love you. Thanks

  4. wow, such a beautiful place. Got to watchout for the monkeys from outbreak though lol

  5. Costa Rica is by far the best country in Latin America! The worst is Colombia (my brother was killed in Colombia)

  6. Thanks for sharing , something different then regular tour!!! I’m doing a different costa Rica tour this year but after seen this I’ll look forward to it this next year thank you!!

  7. I’ve just found your channel after looking for Stavanger. And now you’ve visited my country. You got a subscriber. Pura Vida!!!

  8. Great and informative video, Steve… thanks.
    I’ll be in the Lake Region and Patagonia in Chile in a few weeks, maybe I’ll run into you. Cheers!

  9. Ich folge dir seit ich letztens unter anderem in peru war und deine Tipps gefunden habe ☺️ du hast eine so super Ausstrahlung und ich liebe es durch deine Videos neue Inspirationen zu finden 😊 danke!

  10. I randomly watched your video of Columbia last Sunday and since then I have watched all of your videos.. Just loved all the tiny details which you share.. Loved this video.. let’s do this..

  11. Puravida!!! I was there last week I want go back again best woman there, nature extraudinary!

  12. Thank you Steve, again for another wonderful educational video. Costa Rica will always be a favourable memory of mine. I spent a little over a month traveling that beautiful country. The West cost from Pavones all the way up to La Cruz was my favorite. In Monteverde Cloud forest I encountered a troup of Howler monkeys that chased us out of there territory by throwing poop at us. It was great!!! The people are beautiful along with everything in Costa Rica!!! I am glad you had a wonderful adventure. Keep them coming! I’m always happy to see your smiling face!!

  13. Great video mate. Brought back some excellent memories.
    Keep up the great work 😍

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