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  22. Krabi, another spectacular place to visit, surrounded by nature, sea, history, traditions … fantastic video my friend, I love to see your movies on Thailand.

  23. It’s an amazing island and it have so many beautiful beaches and cliffs. Amazing statues,rivers, sea and waterfall. It’s like a dream. My greetings from Mallorca Spain

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  30. What beautiful footage you got! One of our most memorable family vacations, we stayed in Trang, which is not too far away from Krabi but is not as famous, and we could still go and take boat tours of the lovely islands! We would love to go spend some time in Krabi! I had heard before that Rock climbing is very popular, nice that you showed it in your video!

  31. I went to Krabi in 2019 and it’s really a beautiful place! I visited some of the places mentioned here.
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  35. I’ve just come back from Krabi which was my second visit there and did all of the tours and places mentioned. I think you missed out Poda, Chicken, Mor and Tup Islands I think plus Bamboo Island too

  36. Which is the best place to get hotel and make all these excursions? Thank you, great video!!

  37. I was once in Krabi, but I didn’t know there was so many places to visit…Thanks for the amazing video.

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