Mactan Cebu – Mövenpick Hotel – Room View and Beach Walking Tour〚𝟒𝐊〛🇵🇭 Philippines

Walking tour, beach and several room views of Mövenpick Hotel on Cebu Island, Philippines. Click here ▶ to see highlights and guide.

One of the most popular hotel resort on Cebu Island, the 5 star Mövenpick Hotel. The Hotel has a wide array of different rooms and suites. This tour shows the premium and deluxe rooms with beach and peninsula views. The hotel is also home to the hugely popular dining and entertainment venue, Ibiza on the beachfront.

Date recorded: February, 2019
Weather: ☀️ 29C | 84F

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Highlights Timestamps:

▶(1:37) Mövenpick Entrance
▶(2:14) Lobby
▶(2:53) Check-in counter
▶(3:00) Elevator to Premium Room
▶(3:39) Premium Room Tour (Beach View)
▶(5:17) Deluxe Room Tour (Peninsula View)
▶(7:10) Lobby and Launch Tour
▶(8:03) Game Room
▶(9:20) Pool Area
▶(10:20) Beach Area
▶(11:00) Beach View
▶(11:28) Watersports Center
▶(12:55) Club Ibiza

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