Malaysia tour plan & Malaysia tour budget | Kuala lumpur Malaysia tour guide

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In this video you will know how to travel malaysia, how to reach malaysia, where to stay in malaysia, how many days spend in malaysia, places to visit in malaysia, best time to visit malaysia, top things to do in malaysia, malaysia visa system, where to get malaysia sim card,Malaysia, where to enjoy nightlife in malaysia, how to exchange currency in malaysia, how to take taxi in malaysia, how to prepare malaysia itinerary, how to make malaysia tour plan and what will be the cost of malaysia trip.

After watching this video you will be able to make malaysia tour plan and able to understand malaysia tour budget.

Is video me aap janenge ki malaysia ka tour kaise kare, malaysia kaise jaaye, malaysia me hotel kaha le, Malaysia me kitne din rahe, malaysia me kaha ghumne jaaye, malaysia jaane ka best time kya hai, malaysia me kya activity kare, malaysia ka visa ka kya process hai, malaysia me nightlife kaha enjoy karemalaysiame sim card kaha se le, malaysia me currency kaha change karvaye, malaysia me taxi ka kya rate hai, malaysia ka travel plan kaise banaye aur malaysia ghumne me kitna kharcha aaega.

Is video ko dekhne ke bad aap malaysia ka tour plan taiyar kar sakenge aur malaysia ghumne ka kharcha bhi jaan sakenge.

Restaurant location in Malaysia-

KL Tower-
Petronas Tower-
Batu caves-
Zoo Negara-
Kuala lumpur Nightlife-

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Subtitle Credit- Rakhi Chakravarti, Gopal Chakravarti & B🐰nny

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  1. Can’t we make online transactions while being in Malaysia if I don’t wanna exchange money in Malaysian currency like in India we use or extra is there any facilities like this

  2. कैमरा नहीं हो तो मोबाइल ही पकड़ लूंगा भाई तुम्हारा

  3. भाई मुझे भी साथ कैमरा पकड़ने के लिए ले चला करो यार plzz

  4. Vai I am also a travel vloger..this time I try to travel Europe will you join? My YouTube channel name adventures sohom 1996

  5. I found your video very interesting you are showing great things in less time. Compared to other you tubers they show this much in 10 videos . Thanks

  6. अतिसुंदर भाई आखिर अपने अपने होतेहैशुकिया

  7. शुक्रिया भाई जान

  8. Hello Mr Shubham gupta your contact number plz, mine is 7986137188 I am very interested to join you

  9. I think you’re one of the best vlogger for travel lovers because you’re are giving such a exact information to all people about abroad and it will benefit for tourist also ..thank you bro for giving visa information

  10. Bro is this one day itternity… means did u covered ol this in single day what evr u showed in this video.. please confirm..

  11. You can use HDFC debit card/citibank debit card also to withdraw .. rates are alsmost similar to bankrate that shows on internet

  12. Umobile is also good as it gives unlimited data its good in a way who use whatsapp for communication

  13. Dear All
    अभी खबर ये है की यह वीसा ( ) फ्री हो गया है लेकिन वीसा को अप्लाई करने का पूरा प्रोसेस यही है इसके बारे में जायदा जानकारी के लिये यह पूरा वीडियो देखे
    Dear All Now the good news comming from Malaysia Side that the Malaysia Entry Note is for indian Travlers all process of applying visa is same click here to full video for more information

  14. Bhai tum karte kya ho…
    Itna kharch … tube de raha hai kya

  15. i am In Love With Your Channel Man.
    bht Zaruri Knowledge Detey hai aap..
    Respect From Punjab/Amritsar🙏🏻

  16. May pagal ay Malaysia ke lie beta aj ke date pe har Ghar Kay up ke Goan me pata hu hat pagal ….

  17. Hey shubam..I had a question.. Can we apply for the eNTRI visa 3 months in advance. We’re travelling in the end of March.. Can we apply it now? And then travel in march? Kindly advice

  18. You shoulf buy Umobile
    If digi rm 20 – for 7 days
    If Umobile Rm 30 – for 1 month and unlimited internet you also can just top up (recharge) rm 10 and turn on your data ..get free basic internet (unlimited social,messaging and pubg) for 10 days .. and your acc will stay rm 10
    Lol thanks to me hshshshsh

    About taxi – nowadays we malaysian use taxi very rarely cause now we use grab. it is much more better and cheaper than taxi

    7 eleven – it’s 24 hours market so it’s kinda expensive soo it’s better to buy at market such as 99 Speedmart or Mydin smtg like that but 24hrs market is kinda expensive

  19. thanks so much for the guide . amazing job . anyone want to burn some good green when they are here in malaysia ?

  20. Sir yaha passport bhi hona chahiye kya india ka??? Without passport sirf visa ke threw entry nhi milegi kya

  21. nice video bro, doston main bhi travel filmmaker hoon please check my channel #letstravelproduction

  22. Bhai i really love the fact that you are a pure vegetarian… Thanks bro for being a vegetarian…

  23. Love you bhai , I am your biggest fan of urs, I like the way you explore. ..God bless you bro

  24. Hello ji nice video👍 👏more cheap and expensive places can b covered here. Haters go get a life😐…i stay in malayasia next to that food street shown bukitbintang so happening place😇…i wud say Malaysia 🇲🇾😍is the only country which will never make u feel away from india🇮🇳😍 in terms of culture, tradition n food. 👏👏👌👌👍👍🥰🥰🥰

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