Movenpick Boracay Resort and Spa Vlog (Philippines) Mövenpick

Sean travels to Boracay for a staycation at Movenpick Resort and Spa, Station Zero, Boracay Island. This vlog features the best of Movenpick Boracay Experience.

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Mövenpick: Your Next New Boracay Staycation

Mövenpick: Your Next New Boracay Staycation

Boracay is probably one of (if not) the busiest tourist destinations in SE Asia. Having won numerous awards for Best Island in the World, it’s a no brainer to find some of the world’s top resort chains here, carving out a name for themselves in a market that is incredibly competitive.

Enter Movenpick.

The world-class resort is perfect for families and anyone wanting to experience everything Boracay has to offer with the added bonus of privacy. Situated at what’s informally known as “Station Zero”, the world-class resort boasts the islands largest pool, cutting edge health and wellness facilities, a number of restaurants and cafes and, to be quite frank, the island’s best pizza!

Plan your next stay at Movenpick Boracay and enjoy the quieter, family-friendly side of the island.

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  1. Too many kids running around to be a private get-a-way, do u know any “adults only” resorts there? Thx.

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