Moving to Ireland – Best and Worst Things

My three best and three worst things about moving to Ireland!



  1. Mossy you are very inspiring to me , I’m 34 and trying to do something similar except I am starting with nothing , not money in the bank but working on it , 5 year plan to escape the rat race. God bless from Dublin

  2. Thank you for giving us your perspectives. I’m watching your channel at this pandemic period of COVID19 and thought occurred to me that you started way ahead of us in social distancing ☺️😂.
    God bless you.

  3. Just viewed a second of your videos and I’m delighted and enthralled by what you’ve shared. Hearing what you like best about Ireland it’s shades of green – by now you’ve probably heard of the song 40 Shades of Green – so true. I hail from the Barony of Erris in N W Mayo…. Ceide Fields and Carne Golf Links.
    Fáilte romhat go Connacht.
    A planter in the 16th century called Cromwell banished Irish men from the Pale to “Hell or to Connaght”. It’s delightful to meet an Englishman whose found the West of Ireland so attractive that he’s opening our eyes and hearts to the pure beauty of our country, butwhere your simplicity of life captures the joy of appreciating birdsong.
    Hope I’ll meet you some day.

  4. May have been slightly off on the cost of gas in the U.S.. On the East Coast, we pay nearly $3 USDs per gallon. I think you said we pay 70 cents(?)

  5. Come to the southern United States. You can’t go outside without getting swarmed by gnats(midges) when it’s hot outside, which is year round

  6. I’m planning to move there at the end of the this was very helpful. Thank you so much! 🤗 stay safe 😊

  7. Hoping all is well with you, your friends and your family back in England in these challenging times.. Please take care and let us hear from you when you can!

  8. I want to move… but im scared of racism… sounds stupid but its one of my fears being asian

  9. Interesting…someone told me there are no mosquitoes in Ireland but I guess there is.

  10. Daniel: Hoping you’re ok. Haven’t seen a post from you in a long time. Enjoy learning about Ireland.

  11. Midget’s are completely harmless, just annoying, I’ve lived in the far north of New Zealand and the mosquitos there were nasty! I got eaten alive.

  12. Water…. Built explicit pools and ditches to manage the rain… Permaculture watermanagement

  13. ive been looking at plots of land around Ireland (Im Irish) and I think this is what Im going to do. Derelict building on a plot of land and live out of my camper until I get it fixed up.

  14. if you convert a van to a camper you can insure it for 800 a year as a primary vehicle. No need for a no claims bonus.

  15. We live so close to each other! Where the counties Roscommon, Mayo and Sligo come together. We bought our house and moved up here from Kildare 3 years ago as well. I love the countryside but absolutely hate the midges. There’s no much we can do to get rid of them. My husband is allergic to them. As they say:” If you kill one midge, thousands will come for the funeral”. Our house is up for sale now, as we decided that we want to live in a warmer country. Good luck and be happy!

  16. Try a repellent called Smidge (we got it on Amazon), best thing we’ve found so far to stop the things – happy 2020 from West Donegal!

  17. You have such peace and serenity and a dog that adores you, what a lucky man you are.

  18. If you want a good storm head for Belmullet Co Mayo, their are no trees its to windy just tons of beaches

  19. I could listen to you for hours, you always sound so calming and positive. It would be interesting to know if the cost of living is still higher when you take everything else into account as well, the cheaper land prices, health insurance, tax etc. And have you tried washing your clothing in Permethrin? It is odorless, cheap and effective and lasts several washings (probably still nicer than having to rub chemicals directly into your skin). And I can recommend an electronic midge bite healer (very cheap), if you use it instantly, the bites won’t itch at all. There is also clothing and headnets by a company called Cocoon with a built-in technology called insect shield, which lasts 60 washings or so, so it is near your skin, but not on your skin. If the midge or tick tries to bite you through the fabric, it dies. I also heard that you can buy little packages of a biological product (which is non-toxic to humans and other animals) made of Bacillus thuringiensis israelensis to kill off midge larvae in ponds, puddles etc. I live near the mountains of Bavaria and they dump something like this (in big style, by helicopter) on our big famous lake here each year, which is not great for the birds, because they need the larvae as food, but if they miss the correct time window to do it, the midge plague is insane.

  20. I wonder if zinc boundaries on window frames would reduce the moss on the greenhouse?
    I,have lived in rainforest of west coast of North America and, on shingle roofs we put a strip of zinc at the roof peak and this reduces moss on rooves.

  21. Midges are everywhere in Ireland – some people are more prone to getting a bite like people in Spain getting a bite from mosquito. I don’t get bit at all but they’re so itchy, every summer day if you walk in sun traps you’ll be itching your head for a few seconds after. They’re usually on roads where the sun shines.

  22. Be sure to leave the fairy rings in peace. Don’t want upset fairies. On another note, I lived in Galway for a year and there was a period of about 10 days with no rain. The Irish were all shaking their heads and warning of a drought. I’m from California and I laughed a lot at that!

  23. Hmm, must have been the lack of humidifiers back in 1770 that inspired George Mollohan to leave County Sligo for the colonies!

  24. I’ve seen lots of American based sort of cost of living videos and I’m always shocked by how expensive the food is so I’m not sure if Ireland is really expensive by comparison, you can get some great dairy, veg and pork and beef for a lot less than I’ve seen Americans, Australians and Canadians pay. UK is much cheaper though.

  25. Very sad to see Ireland in its current state, its well on its way to repeating what has happened in France. If you stay in the countryside it’s not noticeable most of the time, but the cities like Dublin have been overrun, and there is a lot of tension boiling underneath the surface

  26. He must be in the *north* west. Different from, for ex., Limerick (mid-west), where I live. But he’s right about fhe people, nicest Ive met in Europe (meanest were in Vienna, capitol of assholes).

  27. Fly spray them! & spray yourself with deet. As a child in Ireland camping we would all be covered in ticks ewww🙁

  28. Ireland is a wonderful country- but it’s people are ripped off left right & centre. Cost of day to day living is akin to Scandinavia! Everything has to be imported in, that’s why. Now they even charge to drink tap water! It’s like selling snow to the eskimos! Madness.

  29. Your video diaries are an eye opener and interesting to see. Good luck.
    I thought Ireland was all doom and gloom but it seems green & picturesque in the west.
    I just have a couple of questions for you…..
    What made you choose Ireland over say France or Spain? You said you lived in France for a while. Did you consider doing what you’re doing in France?
    Also have you changed nationality?

  30. The humidity has increased in recent years, east coast of Ireland weather is better,South coast better again.

  31. What a great video, thanks a lot for such valid information. We love Ireland, greetings from Bilbao!!

  32. Can see how appropiate the name Mossy Botttom is! Love your videos. From dry but not TOO dry North Otago, New Zealand

  33. delphine, the long time,it wouldn’t be healthy to live in the wet country like this…

  34. Hey Mossy Bottom – that tree leaning over can be resuscitated. If you trim some branches to the side fallen down, it might even right itself through gravity. I would never believe it unless the same situation happened to me. Decided to use the tree for firewood, and whilst trimming the branches down (2 story tall pine), the tree magically stood up again once the weight was off on the down side. I got a heckuva fright as you can imagine. Tree continued to grow and I let it regenerate its rooting systems. Cool.

  35. You missed out the Irish people – and their uniform hatred of English people. Maybe you’ve only had superficial interactions with your neighbours and just don’t know yet. Believe me – they hate you. Only a clown would move to Ireland.

  36. I’m Irish and a motorcaravanner, I have no idea what you are on about, Anybody listening to that would think we are wet storm and algae ridden ,what a load of cobblers, Spoken like a true Brit Sure we have a drop of rain, occasionally, sure we have a few midges locally near forests so too has every country. Sure we love a chat and and 700 years of occuption turner us into the best storytellers on the planet (liars occasionally, maybe a lot) why not take your time God gave you plenty, use it, keep the dog out of your well.and buy a pump.

  37. What a wonderful, wonderful dog!!! My ancestors came from Ireland, but if you got your dog in Ireland, that’d be what would get me to move to Ireland! Love that dog!

  38. Moved away for 10 years. Moved home and love the place and the fresh weather. Check out my vids…come visit.. cork is different!

  39. The Irish are not friendly, they are polite!. There is a huge difference. An Irishman or woman would rather die than part with their phone number. Any further contact would be on a casual if not random basis. I have lived here eight years and still hardly know my neighbors.

  40. Visit Ireland now ,because in ten years time it will be completely changed due to imigration

  41. I’m probably about an hour from you, so if you could use a day’s labour from a not too fit 50 year old, without the need to put me up, let me know.

  42. Lovely video! Which county did you pick to settle down in?
    I’m from the west coast of county clare 😊

  43. Love the fort, I m only surprised some farmer or greedy property developer hasn’t bulldozed it long ago! It’s a tragedy what has happened to so much of our heritage here. BTW I think the technically term for a stone built fort like that one is ‘Cashel’, while the earthen and far more common variety is a ring fort

  44. Moss is the sweetest dog! I really enjoyed the video, I love Ireland, I’ve been there twice and certainly will come back (one of my dreams is to have a cottage in the middle of nowhere). And I didn’t know about midges, that sounds like a nightmare! But luckily the beauty of nature compensates that! Happy new year to you and Moss!

  45. Sounds really dreadful, England is green, but without all these problems and expenses. Oh yes and blame it all on climate change, which is a myth, rather like lepicorns.

  46. Get a metal detector surely u will find ancient artifacts around that fort also it’s believed it’s bad luck to cut any trees in a Ring fort or take any wood from one.

  47. Its our vat..vrt…insurance claims etc but i guess we learnt from everyone else

  48. Ah for feck sake will ye give up on the fairy crap….jeez we have moved on from that years ago…sure were total gobshites at times but who is not these days..

  49. Rub a fresh garlic over your skin and midges eill run a mile they judt dont like garlic

  50. OK, I was all set to come to Ireland and marry you and live happily ever after, but humidity and midges…. hmmm guess we both dodged a bullet…. take care…..

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