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My Favorite Local Izakaya – Standing Bar in Tokyo [TOKYO NIGHTLIFE | LOCAL SELECT]

If you rode a train in Tokyo and thought, Japanese people are so quiet, sorry – but you don’t know the real Japan!! At Japan’s local standing bars called “Tachinomi”, a subset of Japanese izakaya pubs, you can meet local people easily with just one word – KANPAI!!!!

This izakaya called ‘Tachinomi Fuuta-kun’ is Kevin’s FAVORITE and he goes there at least twice a week. It’s one train away from Shinjuku on the Chuo line at Asagaya Station, so when you check this place out you can have a chance to see and experience a new area of Tokyo that tourists almost never go to. They’ve got a ROCKIN tuna sashimi bowl and tons of delicious food and drinks for cheap, you’re guaranteed to get tipsy for under 1000 yen.

This izakaya has a unique style of payment where they give you a MASU (Japanese rice measuring box) and you pay directly into it BEFORE you order. You can put in however much you want, and if it’s not enough for your order, they will let you know. They’ll put the change back into the same masu, so you can keep ordering casually without having to worry about paying again and again for each item. Please order directly with the staff – all menus are in Japanese so it can be a bit tricky but many of the staff speak some English and can help you order. When you go home, BE SURE to check the masu for change – if you want to leave a tip, please say so clearly (tips are not common in Japan!)

OPEN HOURS: 3:00 PM ~ 12:00 AM every single day!!
LOCATION: 3 mins walk from Asagaya Station North Exit

Tokyo Handsome Boys are a group of not-funny people who think they are funny, so please meet them and let them know the truth!! Naoki fromTOKYO and Kevin fromATLANTA would love to hang out with you at their favorite local spots when you come here. They are so happy when people watch their YouTube videos and take the time to come out and see them, and if you can’t make it to Tokyo they also love hearing your comments 🙂
If you would like to meet up please contact us at!!
We want you to be our newest Handsome Boys and Girls!!
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