My First Christmas In Germany

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I know, I know, it’s odd of me to upload a video so soon, but it’s Christmas season, so I had to!

As an exchange student in Germany, it’s my first time experiencing Christmas away from home. Although I’m away from family and the traditions I’m used to, I was able to enjoy some nice perks of Christmas in Germany, such as the Weihnachtsmarkt (Christmas market), and the joys of wrapping gifts… WITHOUT TAPE! (dun dun duuunn…)

It might be a while before my next video, I’m going to be super busy during the next month with end of semester projects and deadlines, so see you in February I guess? :’)

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  1. Awwww this is very cute and du best ser lustig hahahai love it. This was my first christmas in germany too and also just posted my own “first christmas in Berlin vlog”🥰

  2. its me malk from keeperofmemories!!i subbed you from my vlogging channel..i hope you will back!! cool video!! i loved it!! i hope you enjoy your stay in Germany!! you are so lucky getting to see new places..:-) have a sweet week my friend!!

  3. I love the college budget tree! 🤣✨💖✨ the fact that it was lit was especially awesome. ☺️

  4. cool grinch feet to open up the video and cool tree made from bottles its unique 🙂
    i liked the skating rink u showed 🙂

  5. Ja ich kann verstehen wie dir zu Mute ist, Weihnachten weit weg von zu Hause, dann auch noch das erste Mal, ja ich kann das absolut nachvollziehen

  6. Roteichhörnchen i forgot how big they actually are even if i saw multiple last year in a park
    but nice that you notice and apriciate our wildlive

    if you can call a rather tame squirrel that

  7. Ok I loved this, from the Grinch Slippers to “You Be Quiet” “Lowlife” you are awesome and the interactions with the off camera person were great.. The Knife is Pointed at Me… The engineering skills used on the Christmas Tree were intriguing and the whole video made me smile. I came from NSC FB post and present a Big Thumbs Up and Sub to your channel. Happy New Year

  8. Merry belated Christmas 😀.
    I’ve watched the past videos you posted, but haven’t been able to comment (like I usually do) due to being busy 😅.

    How’s Germany been so far?

    Nice to see the squirrel from the last video again. Lately, a robin has been visiting us (almost every morning).

  9. Yeah, my favourite thing about Christmas is giving gifts to people I love! And uuuugh, this made me miss the German Christmas markets!!

  10. What a beautiful Christmas tree 🎄🥺💞
    It’s important to learn how to say squirrel in German 🐿 👀✨
    I can relate to being a cookie gremlin 🍪👀✨

  11. Such a fun video- and that tree is absolutely perfect. I was so distracted by the fact that I’ve used most of those songs in my Christmas videos! I love the youtube music library, I don’t know why people don’t use it more often. Congrats on getting another potatron!

  12. I gotta say.., dats a rockin’ Christmas Tree! I hope Santa was good to ya. If not, let me know. I’ll pay him a visit. Mrs. Clause hired a private detective to see if he was skimping on the gifts this year. No such luck this time, so far. The only dirt the detective could get was on Rudolph’s hoofs. Merry Belated Christmas my friend! And a Happy New Year!

  13. God that girl is so funnyyyy😂😂 where do you life in Germany?

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