Nearly froze in South Korea // 2017

What better way to end the year than spending time with your family in one of the countries that you’ve always wanted to go to. Traveling for me is much more than just going to the place and exploring. It is also the food, the ambiance, the people, the weather, and everything in between.

What I love most about South Korea is that the sun is always on point. I feel like when we were there, every single time of the day is a golden hour. South Korea has just that special ambiance for taking photos and videos.

We arrived in Incheon, South Korea on the 22nd of December 2017. The following day we left for Jeju Island, and stayed there for couple of nights. We then traveled to Busan then, Daegu then Seoul. 10 days in total. I got flu by the end of the tour but nevertheless, I enjoyed every bit of the it. I hope I can come back soon, but here are some of the places we’ve been to and some of our experiences during the trip.

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