Our Favorite City in Greece – Naoussa, Paros Island

Our favorite city in Greece! We spent two weeks in Naoussa city on Paros Island and it was one of the most beautiful places we visited in Greece. In this video we take you around the small town and show you some of our favorite spots and catch an amazing sunset on pier. If you are traveling to Greece, we definitely think you should spend a few days in this quaint, little town.

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  1. Hi Ryan and Stacia. We absolutely loved your vlog. Great views of the sunset. The gasp is all the money though. I kept laughing so much, that my wife threw the remote control at me as I was pointing that she does the same thing. Quick question; Can you please share the name of the place that you stayed in Naoussa? We are struggling to find somewhere with sea views, close to the town centre, that we dont have to drive to it, and at a reasonable price. Thanks again. BTW the Parikia vlog was also rather good.

  2. Hey there, Ryan & Stacia!

    I am from Bangladesh and I am a big big fan of yours. Specially Stacia, because I have had crush multiple times on her. 😂✌

    You guys should definitely visit Bangladesh. We would be very glad if you come and visit Bangladesh and make some vlogs here.

    ♥ from Bangladesh.

  3. Great video!!I’ve been going to Paros every summer for 23 years. Pronunciation: Πάρος (PA-ros), Ναόυσα(NOW-sa), παροικία (para-key-A), Λέφκες(LEF-quess). I know the phonetic spelling is wrong, but you get the idea. It is a beautiful village and it looks like your there in the off season, great time. Enjoy

  4. Ryan & Stacia I love your videos as I live in Australia and miss Greece so much ! I go every two years though to visit my friends and family . One day I will reside there again I hope . That is my dream anyway. Ryan your cool man and Stacia your so gorgeous I think I’m in love with you ! Sorry Ryan but I’m too far to be a threat lol !! I was wondering what your backgrounds are ? Stacia looks like South American or Spanish ? Do you guys live in America cause I have relatives in New York too. How often do you go to Greece ? I’m going in 2020 , can’t wait !

  5. Paros was AMAZING! That castle was so cool, i remember walking that same path. Til this day some of the bluest water ive ever seen. I think i ate at that same restaurant near the castle too! Enjoy the rest of your trip!

  6. How can i see the item that i want to buy in your page, doesn´t have the video to show how works the effect!!!! help I´m a big fan¡¡¡

  7. That’s my island! I’m feeling very nostalgic watching this, as a Greek living abroad. Beautiful capture <3

  8. I live to paros 14 years from the day i was born cause im 14 now and i prefer summer i live to parikia but i went to naousa today with my scholl and its okey

  9. I know man we are among the most obese countries in the world, because food is good, pastries are good, junk food is realllyyy good and gym isn’t really a big thing here. We prefer to sit in cafes and socialize for hours. That bakery looks so good by the way !! What’s your next stop ?

  10. Would luvvvvv to know the name of the apartments. We’re booking Paris next July. Cheers

  11. Paris and the island Mylo’s are my personal favourite islands in Greece! Thanks for sharing that beautiful video!

  12. I watch your travel videos on the big screen and dream about being in nicer places with nicer weather!

  13. And HOW do you think that Greeks want to eat endless incredible food? Regarding the sweets department alone: Just look at THAT bakery just in this village. *It’s heaven.*
    Im 2 times per year in Greece, and it’s very good I move around everywhere to check all the scenery or else I would have certainly gained weight. Everywhere you go there is amazing food in Greece. And every bakery has many own styles and things and the assortiment is massive. And just by looking at the amount of bakeries and all the pastries you can get and the desserts you get at almost every restaurant after dinner just shows Greece being a massive sweettooth country with huge diversity

  14. Hey guys, hope you are enjoying your time at paros! Beautiful vids and B-Roll one more time. Looks like though, you couldn’t make it to one of our (quite late, admittedly).
    We’re of to Thailand and Cambodia in 2 Weeks and I got my first DJI drone (new Mavic Mini). How about your experiences with using drones in Thailand and Cambodia, CAAT registration in Thailand, No-Fly-Zones etc.? Greets and love, Michael.

  15. Παριανοι. Ένα ευχαριστώ τουλάχιστον, στους ανθρώπους αυτούς που εκτός σεζόν σας διαφημίζουν τόσο δεν θα έβλαπτε. Ελπίζω να το έχετε σκεφθεί πριν από μένα.

  16. I’m actually smiling for you guys having knowing how beautiful greece actually is personally its so humbling to see your guys being embraced by the country and simply loving the simplicity of it all . Stacia looks like she has found her captain Cornell’s mandelin

  17. Another awesome video Ryan and Stacia your making me want to go too Greece for my next holiday 😎

  18. No disrespect to you or Naousa, there is a lot of places you haven’t seen in Greece in order to declare Naousa as the best or prettiest. Great vlogs

  19. dude everytime you were about to fall or trip or even slip a fork, stacia gets anxiety or panic, well thats love bro, dont you ever let her go man, you are luckiest person on earth to have stacia and she is very caring for you . you both are awesome couple, no stacia facts in this video though 🙁

  20. Your introductions have improved from last year, Your probably the best photographer I know of, I can’t spell your ladies name, 😂😂😂😂😂😂, she is a huge contribution, yes the food 🥘spots. One of my top couple vlogs I follow. Please do Ukraine for the Bakery 🥯, Poppyseeds is the Best, Be Safe, Belus

  21. Hi, Enjoyed watching this movie. Why is there a small population?

  22. Ryan & Stacia, you want to see THE most beautiful sunsets and sunrises, you NEED NEED NEED to come to Arizona! I’m telling you, it is the best day in and day out. #DBVfamOG

  23. Bro! My wife is the same with the gasps! I get so mad that she does that because that freaks me out more than what she is gasping for. #women

  24. I am so shocked that why people dont press like button for your amazing out of world such a high level of natural photography.I am just speechless about level of hard work you do to reach such high level of photography.i salute you ryan ,You are always making my day.Wish you lots of love.

  25. Stunning vlog as always ryan, your vlogs lift my heart. plz say hi to stacia for me. i swear that girl gets cuter by the day xxx sorry ryan lol. my insta is leach5082 if you want to put a face to the name. not as skilled as ryan with the photos but i try.. love a follow from you guys xxx

  26. Really beautiful town guys.. i especially love the views from the castle.. really wish i can go there someday

  27. I like watching your vlogs, your enthusiasm is infectious, next time try paxoi antipaxi of the west coast of Greece.also very beautiful I am sure you and Stacia will like it…

  28. That was one of my favorite islands when I was hopping around there a few years ago. Dude, that opening sequence was awesome!

  29. Epic video 😍❤️ Fantastic 🥰 so smooth 🥰❤️❤️❤️🥰🥰🥰🥰 #DBVfam ❤️

  30. Beautiful… May I ask, have you ever get into trouble flying drone while traveling? can you give us some advice on where to fly drone and dont get in trouble and how do you know if it is okay to fly drone? Drone law seemd to be very tough everywhere now.

  31. Another fabulous video from my favorite !!!
    Lovely marina scene and Stacia looks gorgeous with the beautiful backdrop …
    Love you guys… from Singapore

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