Paris France Tourist Guide The City (Passport Heavy)

Paris, France sits high on the list of one of the world’s more famous and expensive cities in the world.

With I have been there a few times and René having lived there for a couple of years, we decided to get the crew together and film a documentary giving y’all a tour of both the typical and not-so-typical things the city has to offer.

Summer in the city of love truly is a magical experience. The energy is amazing, the city is booming with culture and history and it doesn’t get dark until 10pm, it’s crazy.

There’s also so much to explore in the city: from food, to city sights and unique parties and cultural experiences.

The city felt safe and we were in High Spirit, especially as we roamed the city in our dope anti-theft, London-made custom High Spirit backpacks.

We had some amazing Airbnb experiences, ate at some dope cultural restaurants, attended city tours, experienced Black-French art, culture and fashion, and much more.

Hope you enjoy Paris as much as we did.

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  1. so before i watch this i have to say i didnt think Paris lived up to the hype it was just ok to us i thought it would be more and it was just meh London was more lit in my opinion but i did feel like maybe i was missing something so im hoping i will see that in this video and maybe it will make me want to give Paris another try

  2. The La Shaperie and the Sunday Groove looks really interesting. Will visit it once we will be traveling in Paris

  3. One of my absolute favorite places in the WORLD – what a fantastic way to showcase this in a condensed amount time. I cannot wait to go back in February to experience it yet again!

  4. Great tour of Paris. I must add one of my favorite places to eat is the 58 Tour Eiffel in the Eiffel tower. Make reservations and no waiting in lines to get into the tower and the meal and services best I have had anywhere.

  5. You should go to:
    Vienna (the churches),
    New Zealand.. Just keep travelling your videos are amazing

  6. Jubril, thanks for the informative videos along with various prices at various destinations. You and your team do a tremendous job and I really appreciate all the information you provide.
    I’m a retiree and I’ve always wanted to travel to distant destinations and you may have just motivated me to get started. Life is so short and we must make the most of it! Thanks again to you and your team.

  7. Bro I just left Lasharperie barber shop it was everything u said it was! 💯💯💯 thanks so much bro they got me right and they remember you. Great great recommend

  8. I just got back from Paris and to me, it was wack! Particularly during that strike and protest. So brother, you got lucky not to get caught up with the BS.

  9. Been looking to put my passport to use and take my gf on a birthday trip and this is the first video from you that popped up! I definitely feel confident in making that ticket purchase now seeing you take the trip

  10. Do you ever use a translator device to communicate, if you do, what device do you suggest.

  11. That boat ride 125 instead of 115 euros. Dude always lying about the prices. I have to constantly fact check this guy.

  12. I have spent alot of time in Paris, and I love it as well. so many great areas to experience and beautiful scenery

  13. I’ve watched many of your videos since you started your channel while in Thailand.  From one black man to another, you inspire me to want to travel the world and never stop!!!!  Thank you, man, thank you!!!!!

  14. This video completely changed my perception of Paris. I didn’t know there was black or Asian people in Paris. I’ve always thought of it as an unfriendly city. This blew my mind. It was very eye opening. I love the energy in tbe video 😎


    1) Hotel Booking: *_HotelTonight_*

    2) Hotel: *_Hotel Rendez-Vous_* in District 17

    3) Music Scene: *_Sunday Groove_*

    4) Barbershop: *_Le Sharperie_* Optic Hat & Barbershop

    5) Tour: *_Private Boat Tour_* booked via AirBnB Experiences for €115 (best time at Sunset)

    6) Tour: *_BlackParisWalks.com_*

    7) Wine & Cheese: *_Le Baron Rouge_*

    8) Getting Around: *_Red Uber Electric Bike_*

    9) Restaurant: *_O’Maki Paris_*

    *_Recommendations by Rene Daniella:_*
    – Wear Clothing to Stay (i.e., dress fashionably)
    – Paris Metro
    – Montparnasse (neighborhood)
    – Le Sacre-Couer
    – Arc de Triumph
    – Eiffel Tower
    – Kilo Shop (vintage clothes)
    – Try Baked goods
    – Try eating Snails

  16. I am soooo HAPPY I found this post as I have planned on taking my first trip to Paris. I recently visited Tulum Mexico and met a Ghanaian young man that lives in Paris. He said to visit anytime and so I’ve started planning. I have taken notes and ready to go! THANK YOU for always posting informative travel tips and dope places to visit.

  17. Incredible production quality! Btw man, Hotwire is dope. I use them all the time. The thing is you just got to make sure you see the star rating of the hotel and the average review score(you can see that before booking). If it’s 4 star or higher and the reviews are at least 8 out of 10 then book it. You’ll have no worries.

  18. What it do BigBro! Say I’d like for you to do a #PassPortHeavy Supporter Party; have a get together in 2020 call it a seminar or a have a few days work shop! Just an idea Hehehe 2020 lets go!

  19. Dude, I quit traveling but you making me reconsider my decision. Low key tho I am a native french speaker but I love it when Americans pronounce french words. 🙂

  20. There’s a large typo in this video. Around 10:00 the lady is taking about Mont-Martre and is showing Sacré Coeur, which is in Montmartre. The video clearly has a “Montparnasse” label instead, which is NOWHERE near Montmartre. But great video anyways!

  21. Your Black Paris guide is being featured on BBC World news! I was like “YO… I saw that dude first on PASSPORT HEAVY! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾🙌🏿🙌🏿❤️❤️❤️😂

  22. Amazing as usual.
    By the way, it’s Montmartre instead of “Montparnasse”.
    I’m a black French , i love your vids.
    And I love the fact that you told about the black history of Paris. And I hope that’s people would also take time to visit the so called “banlieues” and see all the different ethnicities who live together. That’s where I’m from.
    Bon courage et on attend la suite!

  23. Production is very high level. I really like your attitude and commentary – it is different from most travel videos. Great tip on the boat tour and wine bar – I’ll definitely look into both when I’m there in March. I’m now a subscriber.

  24. I am so going back to Paris next year & check out all the places you mentioned. Thank you

  25. France is stealing billions of dollars from Africa how can you promote such an evil, sick, racist country?! You guys should be ashamed 🤬

  26. Having been to Paris multiple times, this is not a “guide” to Paris. It lacks comprehensiveness. It’s nothing but product placement, fancy visuals, and friends with pretty faces.

  27. I love hotel tonight app!!! I always find great deals. Love your videos 😍😍😍

  28. had fun in paris, but colombia wow,wow my brother!!! off the hook. cartagena damn so much ass. so many beautiful lads with ass. someday when your back in the bay area.

  29. Paris is great. Was there in Sept, caught amazing weather and was able to enjoy the city fully!

  30. Great video Jubril, What about doing a video from Georgia, in Europe, I heard its very HOT for doing business!

  31. Love it ! I was in Paris this past oct , 2019
    For my 50th b day and had a wonderful time ! Id like to plan to go next summer when it’s warmer and now with you’re picks , I can add those to the list . Thx ! Great video! 😎

  32. Bro, you need some kind of full blown travel channel program of your own! Great job bringing the energy of those places alive in your reporting.

  33. All the good food cooked in paris is cooked by Africans, Senegalese. Just peek in the kitchens.

  34. As ex Kahramanmaras descendant and wars among Armenians, French troops and Celisian troops fightings in 1920s, we are now brothers and sisters with French citizens. Nearby the Thames River London England, we have got Kilikya Restaurant , famous Celisian dishes. That is why I had freely and cheerfully talked to British skinheads in Brighton in 1987 without any hassle with my Serbian friends nearby with me while improving our english language in England. My english landlords in Brighton at that time was morgue doctor woman and pharmacist doctor her husband in 1987. I had visited Paris one night, one time in 1994 while getting German at Goethe Institut by TGV visiting my girlfriend Ebru Ozguc (European University MBA), now Vodefone England head in London and stayed at her arrondissement 1 very old apartment. At nights, Paris was very bright with glamorous lightnings on waterboats and on Eiffel Tower even in the year 1994. I know Parisien taxi driver who know turkish fluently because of his turkish Bilkent University Economic major alumni turkish wife, his name is Alexander , I say hello to them from here. I will find one nice parisien lady to marry and will find an apartment nearby your villa in Paris, don’t worry.

  35. Watching anything on Paris can make a person very sad once they are fully aware of how they got so wealthy. Of all white governed countries none has exploited Africa more so than France. ALL of their former colonies are still colonized by France and it is so bad that even Italy put them on blast for keeping Africa poor. Italy pointed out how France still imposes something called a “colonial tax” which amounts to a major shakedown of poor African countries.

    The African countries doing the worst are the ones that were colonized by France. If that isn’t enough France and the US transferred the so called “war on terror” to Africa and they have been dying over it ever since. Mali stays in ruins and in fact so called ISIS are moving in on Timbuktu with the intentions of destroying their famous ancient university. They have books that are hundreds of years old and since some of them discuss the solar system these extremists feel that is unislamic.

    According to Italy if France didn’t keep African nations under their thumbs then they would drop from the 5th richest country in the world to 15. The people of France might very well be cool but their government is full of full blooded scoundrels.

  36. Can you just go ahead and get a tv show on a network?? 😄 Would love to see you explore a different city every week. Great content!

  37. Thank you for the content! Paris is on my list and I really appreciate you covering the Parisian black culture!

  38. I like the hustle. He’s pretty much getting paid from the places he’s mentioning to promote them

  39. Oga, was tempted to give you a thumbs down because you didn’t mention the name, nor the location of the African resto! Anyway, like your work in general so much, I’ll go neutral this time.

  40. Hey ! Love all ur videos ! I’m happy you enjoyed my city, you made a lil mistake u wrote Montparnasse instead of Montmartre at 10:00. Great video keep going guys

  41. Returning in June for the fourth time. Stayed in Montmartre last time but never thought to see the sunset from the Sacre Coeur. Will do. Also, thank you for the idea of the private boat ride, booking that and getting that bag! Great video with great energy and production!

  42. Here we go with the whole “white history/black history” bs…. you americans and your terminal obsession with race. You just couldn’t help but have to plug the whole “black” shit in. French culture is French culture. Your skin color is irrelevant. Go back to America if you wanna preoccupy yourself with unnecessary racial divisions and convoluted definitions of a nation’s culture. French history didn’t evolve the same way American history did. You’re in a country with a more solid definition of what it’s culture is. It’s not “wHiTe CuLtUrE” it’s French culture.

  43. Fantastic video!! Awesome composition. Wish I had all this insight when I visited this summer lol Looking forward to checking out more of your vids!👍🏾

  44. Thank you for this video. I didn’t like Paris at all when I visited. After seeing this, I will definitely give it another go!!

  45. I love what you presented here. Lately, I’ve seen very extreme views of Paris, from horrible/rundown/poor/racist to super luxurious and out of reach for me. I travel often and had actually taken Paris off my list.This provides an awesome balance. Thanks for these videos, especially for showing the Eiffel Tower during the day. I’ll definitely be adding this back to my list.

  46. Cool video bro, I think the Uber electric ⚡️ bike is lit 🔥 for getting around in Paris.

  47. France is a joke, they will be a third world country once those French speaking African countries withdraw their reserves. 500 billion a year from Africa is something we need to pay attention to. Fuck France.

  48. I’m going to Paris in 2020 and came across this travel vlog….amazing production guys loved it…thanks for the insight…👏🏾👌🏾

  49. I went there last April w/ my ex bf..he’s black american from Miami beach 🙁 our pictures just like pre-wedding photo hahahahaha I can’t even delete it just because all of it look nice ! LOL

  50. France needs to give AFRICA its money and its stolen artifacts back! Then watch it turn into a third world country. Without Africa paying them colonizer extortion are broke

  51. gonna be rewatching this video until my trip on march. love your videos! they’re so helpful when creating an itinerary for a trip. ❤️

  52. I’ve been to Paris…based on my limited time there…London is a better city to visit and chill. Maybe I was on the wrong side of town because it looked nothing like this….if I decide to ever go back I will definitely check these out. Thanks for the recommendations and glad to see you are still make these exquisite videos. Much respect.

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