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Pattaya After Midnight – Vlog 131 (Bars, Girls & Trouble!)

Pattaya After Midnight – Vlog 131 (Bars, Girls & Trouble!)

A video of a night out around the bars in Pattaya, Thailand. This video is the Second of 2 parts.

0:04 Walking Street just after midnight
2:25 Bamboo Freelancer Bar (Famous Thai song:…)
5:43 Back to Walking Street
6:44 Soi 15 gogo bar alley
7:33 Trouble with a Western guy and the police
12:34 Another incident for the police
13:47 Walking street at 3,30am
16:08 Walking street at 4,30am
18:05 Outro from the Crazy Horse Circus bar in Patong

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Additional info:

Bamboo Bar

This is a great bar for guys who are into older ladies. The freelancers here are more likely to be ladies working regular jobs, and moonlighting at the Bamboo late at night to supplement their income.

As you can see it was very busy, and seeing the dance floor full of couples was like stepping into another dimension. If you are into MILFs then the Bamboo bar is a great place to stop by.

Soi 15 gogo bar alley

When in Pattaya I keep coming back to this alley and my current favourite gogo bars include Sapphire and What’s Up Agogo. They are higher end expensive gogo bars normally full of some of Pattaya’s best looking gogo dancers.

Misty’s Agogo was terrible on this night and I only stayed for 5 minutes before moving on. This is a good indication how fickle gogo bars can be from night to night, as previously Misty’s had been one of my favourites.

A lot of the Pattaya gogo dancers are on 10 day contracts through agencies so that gives the girls the power to move freely from bar to bar.

On this visit to Pattaya I was in Farenheit Agogo one night with a really nice girl who kept kissing my ear. She told me I could pay the barfine and then it would be 100% free for short or long time with her. Unfortunately, I had to decline her generous offer as I had a prior engagement. Maybe she saw something in me or maybe it was an angle to get a holiday bf and get shacked up for a week. Either way it was a line I’ve never ever heard from a Thai gogo dancer 🙂


It appeared the beefy looking Westerner had assaulted someone on Soi 15 alley as the What’s Up and Dollhouse security staff were on hand.

Never mind what he did he shouldn’t have been knocked off his chair (even if he did milk it) at the police checkpoint. It can descend into bedlam when emotions run high even with the police on hand.

My advice is simple if you get into trouble, pay your bills even if you are scammed, and don’t expect any help from the police. If there is a dispute try to settle it without getting the police involved. It goes against our Western values but in Thailand the customer is not always right. TIT.

Settling a minor dispute before getting the police involved is much more favourable than wasting hours booking an incident at the police station and paying higher fees in the end (including police costs). The police are more than likely to side with a local business owner than a passing tourist or even a local expat.

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