Pattaya View Point Tourist Attractions, Thailand 2019

The View Point in Pattaya is one of the few attractions for tourists that is not aimed at the party type of scene.

We decided to go visit and see what it was all about, if you like to chill then this is probably a place for you in pattaya, although, the view point is pretty busy during the day.


  1. It’s good Guys! I hope you can do more videos. I’m the Canadian you met at Manila Bay. I’m surprised how good quality the Video is, Quality Camera makes all the difference. Btw… if you’re still in PH, try to get down to Tagaytay. It’s 2 hours south of a Manila, clean a , no traffic or pollution and you can see the Volcano at “Palace in the Sky”. There are no taxis. But I suggest you hire a tuk-tuk for the time of your stay (pay no more than 1000 pisos) & ask the driver to take you to a nice Guest house. Cheers!

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