Phnom Penh Streets, Bars, Hotels & Restaurants 2020, Phnom Penh Cambodia

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Phnom Penh Streets, Bars, Hotels & Restaurants 2020, Phnom Penh Cambodia. Daytime walk down PHNOM PENH Streets from Street 148 to Riverside to Street 136, Street 13, Street 130, Street 5, Street 118 and Street 110 I walk and show you bars, restaurants, Hotels, guesthouses and life in PHNOM PENH CAMBODIA. Many new hostess bars I show you and the new Ostro Hotel & Gastro Pub on Street 130. I walk past many hostess bars on Street 136 like the Candy Bar, corner 136 Bar, Route 136 bar, Tiger Bar, Madam Bar. Hillicopter Bar and many other hostess Bars on Street 130, Street 118, Street 5 and Street 110. I show you the Lux Hotel ,& Apartment and Ohana Palace Phnom PENH Hotel. A very informative video on Street ogmf PHNOM PENH CAMBODIA. Thank you and please SUBSCRIBE to Pattaya Slyman.



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  1. So what place do you like more Thailand or which other destination, like value for money, food, and the fringe benefits.

  2. Hi, at the end of the video, it’s an old market, in cambodia we call ”Psar chas”

  3. Absolute lunatic on the scooter around 9:45. I saw a crazy scooter wreck while eating breakfast outside my hotel close to the central market. Madman smashed his motorbike right through a man and woman on theirs. He just kept going while they were laying in the street with cuts and bruises. Nuts.

  4. you know I have never been to Cambodia yet perhaps next time I go to Bangkok I might stay 10 days in Bangkok and perhaps 4 days in either Siem Riep or Phnom Penh.

  5. Nice! Did you go to Sharky’s bar? I will be in phnom penh this weekend. Just getting drunk and enjoying there.

  6. Coming from where I come from and coming from where I reside now…Phnom Penh is extremely safe and inviting, even at 3 to 4am walking blindly back to my hotel. I absolutely love the people and their soil. Thank you for this one PS👍

  7. In amongst the hustle & bustle of Cambodia’s capitol & There is a chook on the road (about 30 seconds into the video) Love it.

  8. You need to walk in into that Ostro Hotel see if they let you make a video review , it looks nice from outside
    Great video as usual

  9. I am planning a week vacation in PP in may. This is very informative, Good job my friend

  10. Pattaya Slyman, honored fellow walker, you have shown us the beauty of the streets of Phnom Penh in this newest upload contents of Cambodia, and brought joy and satisfaction to all who witnessed it.

  11. Attention all Tourists who love these Guys or Girls who Blogg and keep us all up to date in what is happening in any part of Asia etc. Freedom of speech is a wonderful thing being able to express oneself and put it on Youtube for all Listeners to be updated on what is going on and around Asia.As some so called Tourist or Tourists might not like what they see or read on these Bloggs, Hmm as they have been caught in the act either enjoying themselves on some Soi .So it comes down to this some married man or Philanderer has been caught in the ACT playing up and of course does not want to be caught out by his or her Partner.So what does this person do contact Youtube a weak minded Caught in the Act a Dickhead.In the first place its your own fault as these Bloggers do a great job whether it be Slyman,Weird Network,Honey Look,Bangkok 112,Aziatka, etc. So to this Tourist wake up and get a Life.

  12. Good video brother. Wish you would do more livestreams. I am sure it is not easy but I enjoy the interactions as it gives me a feel of the personality of the people and gives us a head start on their demeanor. Going to PP in march staying lux for 4 nights and sun and moon for 2 nights. The penthouse suite or whatever they call it. pricey but I want to really enjoy my last 2 nights in PP. Thanks

  13. Have you tried any of the massage shops?
    The cheaper ones are to be avoided, you will get crap service and will steal money from you at any opportunity without you realising it!
    Good job a very detailed vlog 👍
    I found Street 5 one of the best streets for bars and friendly girls!
    That was the Old Market, Central Market is up 136 Street.

  14. Great video Slyman , your daytime streets walk video , gave me a feel for the place .
    Your comment the Khmers are nicer than the Thais and not as greedy was good , I always wondered what they were like ??
    Stay safe my friend and thanks for another great video .

  15. How do the ATM Machines work in Cambodia and in Thailand as well Mr Slyman. Is it the same as in the USA. You put your card in, put in your pin# and get your money?

  16. Great video mate
    I have a few questions about Phnom Penh
    What is the best way to contact you

  17. Another awesome vid. Love the day walks and all the info you share and point out. Easily one of my top three favourite vloggers on u tube! Keep up the great work!

  18. Excellant walk Slyman 👍 Great information and I like that new hotel on Street 130

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