Phuket Travel Guide 2020 | Top 14 Amazing Things to do & see in Phuket Thailand #livelovethailand

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Phuket Travel Guide – Top 14 Amazing Things to do & see in Phuket Thailand #livelovethailand

What comes into the mind of travelers when we talk about beautiful Seashores, golden sands and breathtaking sunsets? Phuket must definitely be one of the answers. A number of exciting activities can be done & seen in this beautiful island, located in the south of Thailand.
In this vlog we are going to show you the top 14 amazing things, you can do & see in the main island and around, from its beautiful shores into the surrounding magical islands, to its tropical safari nature, the historical temples, spicy food, mega malls shopping’s, massage sessions and much more, so sit back tight and enjoy the ride.

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Our main point is to share our updated experience with you and be helpful as much as we can to your future trips to Thailand and other destinations.
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• Canon 200D
• Lenses / 18-55mm, 55mm, wide angel 11-18mm
. DJI Osmo Pocket
• Tripod
• Gorilla pod
• Gimbel for steady shots
• Galaxy S9+
• Visueo air Drone

About me:
I am a graphic designer, Travel Vlogger & Photographer. I travel a lot & make videos about everything I experience from my flights, food, social life, culture nightlife and much more
I love coffee.
I have been inspired by Thailand and its culture, the food and the lovely people. I have been making videos and vlogs since 2012 and improving my filming abilities as a vlogger by using more advanced gears and techniques.
Now YouTube is part of my life and hope it will always be.
Thank you for all your support.
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  1. I wantto go to phuket now , and do all those 14 amazing things, thank you for sharing 🙂

  2. PLEASE DONT GO TO THAT TIGER KINGDOM. those places are in humane and it’s not natural for tigers to be drugged in order to interact with humans

  3. I thought I didn’t couldn’t enjoy because Phuket is full of tourists. But I actually enjoyed and loved Phuket so much. Beautiful place:))

  4. Very nice Video. Beautiful places and footage. Recently I have started as a photographer with YouTube and my first video is about a great Thailand trip with beautiful images.

  5. BTW Maya bay in Phi Phi is still closed, so why are you showing videos of it being open.
    You are showing outdated information…

  6. Thailand is the best, but Phi phi islands are not part of Phuket. You should really stay on Phi Phi island to get to know it’s vibe.

  7. Im your Thai fan krub!

    Really enjoyed your videos.

    Thank you for loving Thailand krub ❤️

  8. Amazing I want to do all the 14 how many days we need to do all the mentioned please let me know thank you

  9. I’m here now! Thank you for helping me plan my trip! Do you know of any food tasting tours here in Phuket?

  10. Great video. I can’t wait to go back to Thailand next week… love your channel!

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