PLANET HOLLYWOOD Costa Rica Vacation Review!

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Visited Costa Rica this november 2019. beautiful resort with amazing views.


  1. Hi, looking at this hotel for us to visit, my daughter’s will be 8 and 5 years, would you say there is enough going on to keep them entertained as i see the children’s pool area is very small.

  2. Great video. Cute kids. Wished I’d seen this before I booked my Negril vacation at Royalton this year. Would have loved to go here first since PH and Royalton are part of the same resort chain. Is the ride from the airport to the property long?

  3. Do the trams have a regular schedule ?
    Do they pick you up for breakfast ?
    Did you have to schedule your meals ?
    We have this resort booked for March 2020. Are plan is to just sit at the beach.
    Is there anything we need to be aware of?

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