Pompeii Ruins Travel Guide: Tips to See Everything in One Day | Italy

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  1. Brian you’ve made my day. Absolutely love Pompeii and agree with everything you said. We went on a guided tour for about 3hours it was very cheap, informative and worth every penny ( highly recommended ) and then approximately 3hours on our own. Watching your video brought back so many happy memories of our visit. Will be watching this video again over the weekend. Thanks Mate……

  2. Looks like they missed zone Villa Di Misteri just outside Pompeii, walkable from where they are now and really worth seeing.

  3. Gday mate, WOW!! I’ve just discovered your channel, thank you!! Absolutely love this video!

  4. Just amazing! Kind of place to go in a life time for sure . Loved every minute of it. Well captured and edited whit good music to go along whit it
    Thanks for taking us along whit you !
    Merci !
    Hélène et Serge 👩‍❤️‍👨

  5. Wow. That looks really fun to visit. Love your tips and fun surprises like the open gates.

  6. Hi Perfect Little Planet, i watched a couple of your videos about Central Park. This one is very good. I was always interested about Pompeii. Can you imagine what it must have been like for the people when the volcano erupted?

  7. This was great to watch. I was there in July and it makes me want to go back again. And Kai is walking so amazingly well! He is a natural born explorer just like his parents.

  8. 10:30, sorry to report the bones are inside if they were the original casts 😔 the casts were formed when the archeologists were digging and started hitting air pockets with bones. Then they decided to fill the air pockets with plaster and that created the casts we see today. I think it was the ash that compacted around the bodies and then they decomposed to form the molds. Apologies for any inaccuracies, it’s been a few years but that’s what we studied in school. Would love to visit Pompeii sometime!

  9. I’m taking an Italy trip in March and Pompeii was a must do. Looking forward to it. U guys made me want to go more. Thanks for all the info.

  10. We went to Herculaneum in May. It was fun and not so crowded. Next time I hop to hit Pompei. Great video!

  11. Cool to see your channel growing like a weed!! I’m shooting for 8 weeks San Diego this summer. Keep it rolling you 3! Timmy C.

  12. Thanks for your video. We visited Pompeii in September and this brings back great memories. 👌

  13. My husband and I visited Naples back in 2013 and loved our vacation. Back then still many of the locations were locked 😀

  14. wow what a nice video.
    if you want to visit another archaeological site in Campania, I recommend Paestum.
    There are Greek temples from 500 BC
    If you go there one day, don’t forget to taste the buffalo mozzarella.
    as food and art, we Italians are the best.
    … for all the rest, we are a disaster 😅

  15. Hi guys and baby Kai! It is wonderful to hear from you and what a spectacular video.
    Well, they’re always good .I can imagine how much more time you would have spent there if you didn’t come across the locked areas. But what you have shown me today ? This has got to be my favorite! All the beauty and structures from the painting on the wall to the mosaics on the floor, I mean you saw it so you know what you’ve brought me! I kind of know the history behind it but you have brought it in a way where I can understand it if that makes any sense. And when I say that ,I’m just talking about how how beautiful it is I’ve never seen it in that way before. I feel like it’s up close and personal . It’s always some television documentary type thing. But this place is unbelievable! But it also has its sadness about it also. This is one of those places that you have to see it to believe it. I mean I’m seeing it through a video and I’m overwhelmed. It is more massive then I thought. I’m sure I’ll watch it again that’s usually what I do because I always feel like I miss something LOL. Thank you so much for sharing this one. You guys take care of each other and you know Kai, as little as he is, may or may not remember certain things of places that you’ve been, and this age but I think it’s never to early to fill their heads with knowledge and being a part of what you’re doing. Great memories with Mom and Dad. You do realize I could keep riding right LOL? But again thank you so much for sharing this one take care of each other. God bless and be safe.

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