Portugal and Spain Compared

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Mr. Beat compares and contrasts the two Iberian Peninsula countries that once dominated the entire world. #spain #portugal

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Portugal and Spain, or the Portuguese Republic and the Kingdom of Spain

The two neighboring southwestern European countries that make up most of the Iberian Peninsula. At one point in history, the two had major empires around the world, and were two of the early major players during the Age of Exploration, but more on that a little later.

Despite both not being that particularly big as countries go, both have had a tremendous influence over the entire world. One example of that? Well around 250 million people around the world today speak Portuguese, the official language of Portugal. Around 525 million people around the world today speak Spanish, the official language of Spain, making it the fourth most-spoken language in the world.

The largest city in both countries is also the capital. However, Madrid, the capital and largest city in Spain, is two and a half times bigger than Lisbon, the capital and largest city in Portugal.

Both have among the highest life expectancy in the entire world. (S-83.3, P-81.3) The average age in both is about the same. (S-43, P-42.2)

Both have islands quite a ways off the mainland in the Atlantic Ocean. Spain has the Canary Islands down here. Portugal has the Azores and Madeira here and here. Spain also has the Balearic Islands of its east coast.

On the mainland, both generally don’t have to worry about natural disasters that much. Sure, there are occasional earthquakes, but rarely do the earthquakes do that much damage. One big exception is a devastating earthquake that almost completely destroyed Lisbon in 1755.

Both have a lot of debt, although Portugal’s debt is worse. The poverty rate is about the same in both, although it’s a bit higher in Portugal. (S-21.6%, P- 23.3%)

Both are in the European Union. Both don’t have the death penalty nor life in prison for crimes. In fact, Portugal was the first country in the world to get rid of life in prison, way back in 1884. Football, aka soccer… is the most popular sport in both countries. Well duh. The running of the bulls is a regular crazy event in both countries, although it’s the one in Pamplona, Spain that gets worldwide attention every year. A passionate minority in both also loves bullfighting.

But what about their differences? There’s actually quite a bit more.
Spain also has almost five times as many people. (S- 49 million, P- 10.3 million) While Spain’s population has been growing at a slow pace, Portugal’s population has been shrinking for several years now.

Spain borders not only Portugal to the west, but also France and the tiny country of Andorra to the north. Morocco is also just a 14 km jump over the Strait of Gibraltar. Portugal, the westernmost country of continental Europe, is only bordered by Spain and is often like, “Spain, get off me bro!”

Spain is more religious. While the majority of residents in both identify as Roman Catholic, over 27% of Spain residents have no religion.


  1. You forget that both Portugal and Spain have islands…. Portugal also has semi tropical Weather, volcanos, etc

  2. It is a deeply insulting comparison considering a comparison of more than 45 million against 12 million … in short, Spain is well above many European countries, examples: Romania, Italy, Greece … Portugal is an underdeveloped country sometimes taking into account the level of appearance that is in the plebs, they denote a lot of ignorance, ignorance and a governmental disorder that does not stop

  3. Small correction:
    Minimum wage in Portugal is about 635€ and not 700€ (for some reason on google it says its 700 but in reality is about 635€, They want to atchive the 700€ goal by 2021/22 if im not mistaken.)

  4. I’m from the USA but I know the best club in the world is from Spain
    Visca el Barca 🔵 🔴 🇪🇸 🟡🔴

  5. 0:41 eso es Santa Cruz de Tenerife no? Me trabé porque pensé q era alguna parte de Madrid pero vi un barco 😂

  6. Real spain ist castilha e Leon, but Galiza ist Super gut, i Born in Portugal but i live in Deutschland i like Spain and Portugal but Portugal ist more expencive


  8. There are some errors and faults.
    Portugal was the first marítime global Empire in the world.

  9. Eu sou espanhol mas aprendí a língua portuguesa por respeito aos meus irmãos de Portugal. Não foi difícil pra mim porque o galego é quase português (ou linguisticamente falando, devemos dizer que o português é quase galego hahahaha :p)

  10. The image that appears in the Humif Subtropical Climate is Montserrat, 5 minutes by car from my house hahaha funny fact 😍. The picture is taken from up there in the monastery.

  11. Hermanos siameses por siempre 💚💜💛🤓 hermosos ambos, padre y madre de Iberoamerica #OrgulloIberoamericano

  12. Me acabo de enterar de esto de saltar bebés… Que clase de fiesta es esa?😂😂😂🤦🤦🤦

  13. I really love my country 🇪🇸 and i really love to have a nice neighbours like 🇵🇹

  14. 580 millions of people talk Spanish and 483 are native, 2nd language most speak, 3rd use in internet, and 1st language choose as second language in the schools around the world, Spanish will know like the future language

  15. American talking about Europe hahaha, when you stop to say North America and South America are two differents continents you can talk about other parts all of the world

  16. Don’t lie, all the intelligent word know Spanish is the 2nd language after Chinese and before English, we have more colonies than you explain

  17. Amo a Portugal como amo a Espanhã soy portugués con gran orgullo, pero me identifico mucho con Espanhã, donde voy muchas veces, para mí Galicia es la continuación de Portugal. Apoyo esta península, en el fútbol, en Eurovision, en los juegos olímpicos, en todo!! Gracias hermanos, salgamos juntos de este virus. P + E=1 (Península Ibérica)

  18. Correction: Spanish is actually the “2nd” most spoken language (by native speakers) in the world after Chinese and The 3rd most spoken language over all after Chinese and English

  19. Spain love 🥰♥️💖💕🎶🎧👌🎸🤩😁😎🤗😜😝🥳😇🤭💃👏🤟👆💕💞💝💘💖❤🧥🧤🧣👖👟 gold

  20. i have big love for this 2 country they was a Strong trade relations with ma great country Mom Ethiopia finally we collapsed because we was Alon all European collaboration to fight my country Ethiopia!

  21. i see the word Portugal and im immediately pulled by the video hahah thank u for bringing attention to our beautiful countryyy, no need to see which one is best tho, we’re brothers 🇵🇹🇪🇸❤️❤️

  22. Spain and Portugal are those kind of brothers that love and hate each other. Many wars, disputes, blood, secrets, treasons, marriages, we had it all. Only Spain can hit or criticise us. Only Portugal can hit Spain! Because… we are brothers. Big cheers to our Italian and Greek friends, we are the same 😊. Nice video.

  23. I know 🇵🇹🇪🇸🇮🇹 very well, from north to south in each of them, and they are very similar, landscape, nature, coast, seafood, and the 3 countries are fucking sexy countries. But if I have to chose one of them, I chose 🇵🇹…

  24. you forgot the super important difference between Spanish and Portuguese bullfighting which is that in Portugal they don’t kill the bull. The Marquis de Pombal who rebuilt Lisbon after the earthquake thought it was cruel to kill the bull so he banned it.

  25. Im from Spain, i dont speak portuguese but if i talk with a Brazilian i can understand him/her quite a bit. But the Portuguese (from Portugal) accent is way too strong to understand properly, especially if they talk fast. Its not so much the portuguese language but the portuguese accent that is hard to understand… And if i have to read something written in portuguese i can easily understand about 90% of it.

  26. Interesting fact:
    Portugal has the oldest alliance EVER (I looked it up, it’s true).
    Portugal and England

  27. Portugal, our dear brothers, we dont enter in competition with them. We are both great countries with great people. Same blood in our veins. True family.

  28. Fun fact: Spain is the first country in the world to arrive in Polynesia, Micronesia and Asia from the east…

  29. Spaniards and Portuguese we are brothers, but Spain and Portugal can’t be compared in absolute scale, e.g.: only the Community of Madrid has more GDP than Portugal with almost half the population and is 12 times smaller in size. But I think in relative scale either: Spain is quite superior. Also, Spanish is the 2nd most spoken native language in the world…

  30. LOs portugueses son brasileños sin alegria de la vidaxD

    es broma, son nuestros hermanos pequeños

  31. LOs españoles son tan buena gente que siempre han respetado las fronteras de Portugal (algo raro en Europa) y jamas ha tenido intencion de conquistar ni robarles territorio.

  32. MADRID ciudad NO tiene 6.5 millones

    os habeis confundido con la COMUNIDAD DE MADRID, donde esta la ciudad.

  33. Im from Spain, 35yo, and I have never heard of any celebration of people jumping over babies… so it isn’t important or representative at all in Spain

  34. Hi. I want to say that Spain also borders Morocco by the autonomous cities of Ceuta an Melilla 🙂

  35. In another words Spain is better.

    Hermandad Latin Europea:


    Half brothers/Medio hermanos, Hermandad Latin Americana:

    Mexico y America


  36. a espanha é um grande país fantástico, é um povo com tomates…
    Portugal é realista, a história une os dois povos ibéricos. sem complexos.

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