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Press Release Costa Rica Beach Resort Embraces Eco-Tourism

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Montezuma – The damage that plastic is causing to the environment is gathering worldwide attention in the media, and countries and venues who rely on the tourist trade are starting to embrace environmentalism across all facets of their business.

As a consequence, there are now numerous recycling stations throughout the town with separate bins for each different type of recycling.

A new recycling center is in the process of being built, and this will accommodate all of the recycling that is now taking place across the city.

Ylang Ylang will still provide customers with straws on request, but these straws are biodegradable, and so will not cause any environmental issues.

“As a tourist led economy, it is critical that we look after and maintain our environment both for today and for the future,” said Moraya Iacono of Ylang Ylang beach resorts. As one of the leading Costa Rica family resorts

Ylang Ylang Beach Resort is set in lush tropical gardens edging a white sand beach. A secluded romantic getaway for travelers who want a casual resort and love the sounds of the ocean!



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Ylang Ylang Beach Resort
700 Meters North of the School
Puntarenas Province,
Montezuma, Costa Rica 60111
506 2642 0636

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