Q&A Update: Golf Shirts, Dating, Apartment & New Roadtrip

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Need A Fiancee’ Visa? http://www.filipina-expat-visa4you.com

My Story:

After 49 years of doing the hamster-wheel in California, I finally left it all
and decided to see what Southeast Asia had to offer. I moved to the Philippines
for 6 years, experienced some of the best times of my entire life!

Now, I am exploring again and living in Vietnam. Join me as I venture out to see
more of Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand. I will share with you my thoughts on
what I see and how I handle the various challenges of living as a full-time expat
in Southeast Asia. For more photos and non-Youtube videos, join or follow my
Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/reekay.lifebeyondthesea

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— Reekay

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