Rich Brian Makes Nasi Goreng, Indonesia’s National Dish

We visit Bali Kitchen in the East Village with Indonesian rapper Rich Brian to see how Indonesia’s national dish is made, how best to eat it and why it’s culturally significant. Nasi goreng is made with a thick, sweet Indonesian soy sauce called kecap (pronounced ketchup)—a key ingredient in Indonesian cuisine—and garnished with pickled cucumber, carrots and topped off with a fried egg.


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Rich Brian Makes Nasi Goreng, Indonesia’s National Dish


  1. x NAK bagi org claim die letak nasi goreng INDONESIA sorry eh Malaysia bkn Kaki claim😂🤣

  2. Masak di Bali resto Indonesian food, rilis lagu BALI
    Apakah lagu nasi goreng akan rilis juga ??

  3. Did he say “bat”? I’m coronavirus, and it’s like music to my ears!

  4. if you ever travel to indo make sure u say bangsat to everyone u meet, this means my blessings upon u!!

  5. Nasi goreng with stinky Beans, salty fish and eggs!…..and don’t forget… hot tea!….heaven!

  6. I am Indonesian,, oh god.. this is so surprising,, I didn’t realize that he has Chinese blood before…

  7. Dude snake turtle and bat? Are you serious? We indonesian dont eat that. That’s disgusting.

  8. Snake? Bat? Turtle? Hold up, Sir! Wait a minute! Where the heck you find nasi goreng with that ingredient? I don’t know what are you talking about and I am from Indonesia.

  9. As a student away from home, I can definitely relate to that asking for recipe line. So true. ❤️

  10. 2:29 : “I think it’s good.” (Good amount of pepper which allows me to cough hard)

  11. Watch part of the end, that’s call “the magic recipe” of all better taste on street food. Ykwim 😏

  12. Jozz so stupid, in indonesia didn’t eat snake, bat, turtle in nasi goreng…. In common we use, meat, goat meat, and many kind seafood….

  13. Notice how there is no Malaysian here. When us Malaysian post a vid about our food, Indonesian will storm the comment

  14. its called nasi goreng and this dish took fried rice to another whole new level
    bruh nasi goreng is mean fried rice

  15. 인도네시아가서 본고장의 나시고랭 먹어보고싶다ㅜㅜ 무슨맛일지 궁금함

  16. we all know someone isn’t indonesian when you feed them Indonesian food starts crying… though I am Indonesian, I can’t eat spices… that makes me not indonesian

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