Samal Island: Villa Amparo Resort – Beach and Pool

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    1. first, i didn’t delete your comment, all comments are ‘under review’ before being approved. but since you decided to be such an impatient baby about it, i decided now to delete it since there’s no need to have it here twice.

      second, “sensitive much?”. for sure you are easily confused. i don’t throw money at my g/f or her family. that’s a false assumption on your part. maybe spending a nice day with the family is more than your cheap-charlie ass is willing to do. if you can’t or won’t afford a nice day out, that’s your own personal problem.

      seriously, you sound like such a crybaby to be bothered that i’d be gracious with my own money. none of it came out of your pocket, so go cry somewhere else about how much you can’t stand to see others enjoy their life.

    2. @Reekay’s LifeBeyondTheSea If you’re going to leave your reply to Elise Zul up you should at least have left her comment up to be fair.

    3. Elise Zul.. your assumptions are all wrong. i never said vietnam was a better place to stay than the philippines. you did not listen. i said that the each has a different lifestyle to offer and that the infrastructure in vietnam is better. which it is, that is simply the truth.

      as for the woman i dated for 3-months, again.. i never said that she was better than filipinas. i said that she is a world traveler, owns 2 restaurants and has paid off her house and car. if you take that personally or against all filipinas then that is your mistake.

      in the future, pay attention to what is actually said rather than being so thin-skinned that you take offense without hearing what is actually being said. then you wont’ embarrass yourself.

  2. I am happy to see you happy. In your other videos, that was something that was missing.

  3. I was about to buy a land there but I didn’t do it. Now I regretted it. But I’ll make sure next time I’ll get a land there. I love Samal island. It’s not crowded yet

  4. Nice video. Very happy for you. You are a true inspiration of an American man that left his home to seek true love. Im not far behind you dealing with these American Attention Whores, Gold Diggers and Holywood Poisened American Woman. God Bless You in your adventure seeking a true genuine woman.


    1. thanks. and i agree… few places left where women take joy in being a woman.

  6. I was just wondering,since I live in Mindanao region, it looks like you are traveling in this area? I came from the us Last april 2019, it might be nice to meet someone else that does youtube videos, and I think we might get along pretty well.

  7. Thanks for the video…super sweet GF Reekay!
    I lived in Davao City twice dating back to when I first came to the Phils in 2008. I’m very familiar with the whole area and like it a lot. Soon they will put a bridge from Davao City to Samal which will be nice because even though It’s a short trip by RORO, by the time you pay your fees, wait for them to load your car and depart, it can take a while:)

  8. Nice family vlog to spend time on the beach Reekay. Thanks for sharing the ins and outs of an outing on Samal Island.
    Cannot believe 67 thumbs down as I make my comment, some people!

    1. it’s just a handful of losers who actually bother to create several dozen accounts for this sort of thing. ‘that’ is how empty their life is.

      i figure it’s more views they give my channel. meanwhile, i’m busy enjoying life. πŸ™‚

  9. Wasted your time in Vietnam brotha.. good to visit, but Pi is more hospitable, compatible with Americans.. many more sincere, good province girls for partnership

    1. Compare Davao with other places you stayed in pi.. women, costs, #expats, women, safety, etc.

    2. nah, not even a waste. i love vietnam and had a great year there. i plan on eventually taking vi there so we can enjoy it together.

  10. That resort looks spectacular Henri! Glad you, Vie, and her family enjoyed the day!

  11. I love how Filipinas are not scared to act feminine. I male/female dynamic in the US is so ruined. I almost feel like an NPC. Going MGTOW in the States is almost just a safer route.

  12. I’ve been following your channel for years. Before I even been to pinas. It’s the happier I’ve seen you I think. And now ive been 3 times and found love also. Mabuhay!

  13. I like the documentary-style approach to your content; informative yet not lecturing; detailed but never dull. We get to discover along with you. Can I ask, at what age you made the jump to live in the Philippines? I’m 50 and planning my move over in about 3 years.

  14. What a beautiful resort great place to relax at with family and your significant other you look much happier and your gal looks and seems like a great person.

  15. Your vids are great. Philippines looks like an expat paradise. Is there any fear that it would be conquered by China if the US collapses?

  16. Is it safe There? I remember only about 2 yrs ago some foreigners were kidnapped from the back of samal island…it looks great anyhow a few nights should be ok

  17. I enjoy your vids very much as for people making comments you just have to except that some people don’t have a clue and move on as for me I enjoy your channel very much it is informative and I love it when you do some traveling around. I have only traveled around on Luzon but would like to come for a Vacation and see some other Islands . My work friend is getting married to a Filipina and I wish him all the best Im going to point him to your channel so he can be more informed about the Filipino traditions and life. Thanks keep up the great vids.

  18. Nice to see you with your new girlfriend..sweet she is…best wishes and congrats to you both

  19. Awesome, I was there back in June of 2019, lots of resorts on the Island. I loved Davao, only saw about half a dozen other white guys while I was there, stay frosty.

  20. Hi. Hope you’re having a good time. I was there last February. My wife works there now as cook. Enjoy

  21. Looking very happy. Happy for you and glad you found a lifetime companion. You make a great couple!

  22. Im so happy to see you with Vee finally after hearing so much about her. I figured she would have to be a very lovely girl and i was not disappointed. You have inspired me so much through the years and you are a large reason why I’ve been in a successful relationship with a Filipina now for over 2 years. We hope we get to meet you both someday. Take care always!

  23. Congratulations! From watching you for a while, I think you’re the wisest man I have seen traveling around the world. You are cautious, smart and know a lot about different cultures. I hope you continue with your gut feeling about relationships 😊

  24. Reekay, I think I was at that resort in February 2018. I think that resort was being built or renovated when we were there. I remember that swimming pool and that beautiful view. I just didn’t know the name of it. We were in Davao and caught a ferry boat to an island. Thanks for sharing and enjoy yourself with your new lady. You deserve it .

  25. Is Samal Island safe now? There was a much publicized kidnapping there in 2015 of 3 foreigners and 1 filipina by Abu Sayyaf – the 2 Canadians were later killed, as Canada refused to pay the ransom demands.

  26. Loved the video Reekay, Your Gf is awesome and so beautiful. She loves you very much by the way she smiles constantly haha, so happy for you. Take care!!

  27. Samal Island is a great place. We stayed at the Pearl Farm for a week. It was great. You guys look great together and you look very happy.

    1. i spent a year in vietnam, did over 90 videos there. now i’m in the ph and looking to return to vietnam perhaps next year.

  28. Another nice vid RK, enjoyed it, hope you and your GF are blessed and enjoy your life. Blessings always from NW USA. πŸ™‚

  29. looks good there mate…long time no speak….what happend to vietnam??
    your lookin very slim too
    lovely lady you have too
    great vid mate

  30. Hey Henry, a question a lot of people would benefit from would be “how much work to you do for a video? You make this life look easy and some may think aha I could do this and not realise just how much work goes into your channel. Constant work would mean sometimes having vloggers block and yet if you don’t post you might loss money. Can you give us a little feedback? Thank you.

  31. Beautiful place, On our most *Special* place we went farther around the island to Island Garden Resort in Pangubatan
    Soo quite and peaceful to spend our time together…
    The beginning The middle and Forever

  32. very nice videos Reekay, it’s good to see you back in the Philippines. I think it suits you better than Vietnam

  33. Great job Reekay. Have many friend in Davao area . Nice place , despite marshal law in place still… which keeps things in order for sure . Keep missing you in Duma , but one of these days for sure . In Tarlac from Vancouver this week , and Lapaz area , some resorts , an orient cruise, that back to Tarlac, then Duma for a Month…. different world . When I come back for the summer to Canada I have this sinking feeling…. the angry people, materialism, rank feminism, socialism….. way too many β€œism’s β€œ to enjoy life as a guy in North America anymore . God bless to you both and family- James

  34. Always have loved your videos especially your Philippines videos… She has a great personality not to mention she’s beautiful… Way to go dude! Been watching your videos for years!

    1. yes, this is what we did which is called a, ‘day pass’ or ‘day use’. each resort has their own fee. at villa amparo it was about double what other resorts in negros oriental charge.

  35. I love that smile on your face. You look like a man who’s truly enjoying life.😊

  36. That looked a nice place I intend travelling to Daveo this year to meet my girlfriends family

  37. Great to see you looking so happy now Reekay, Vi looks a real sweetie, and she’s not afraid to show how much she loves being with you. Enjoy getting to know one another more and more, and best wishes for a great future.

  38. Wow Reekay I think you found the ONE. She is cute , but you can see an Honesty gentle nature to her. Best wishes…

  39. Shes one loving filipina its normal for the girl to bring family members along. There culture!!

  40. Love your channel Reekay!!! New channel here. Please watch my videos.
    I’ll be in the Philippines (my motherland) for 28 days. January 31 to
    February 27. Cebu (Cebu City), Luzon (Manila, Vigan, Candon, Laoag,
    Angeles City), Palawan (Puerto Princesa, El Nido), Bohol (Tagbilaran,
    Dauis), and most likely other places not mentioned. Lots of videos
    definitely coming up! THANK YOU FOR SHARING!!!!!

  41. I met my Filipina when she was 21, at 30 her instinct for being a mommy started, we now have a beautiful 2 mo. old daughter, it will greatly strengthen your relationship and fulfill your woman..

  42. Congrats too the both of ya! Both look happy and content. Some beautiful place! Take care you too!😊

  43. Enjoy your time but just be very careful in Samal Island. Three foreigners – two Canadians and a Norwegian – and a Filipina were abducted in a resort in Samal Island in 2015. Their life ended tragically. 11 armed men of Abu Sayyaf stormed the Holiday Ocean-view Resort and took off with a speedboat. They also attempted to kidnap a Japanese couple but failed after they fought back. Maybe the couple knew some martial art or they were just not the agreeable type?

  44. I spent 1 week on Samal Island at the resort with my Fiance called Costa Marina along with touring the Island and Hagamit Falls. It was a very relaxing and wonderful time.

  45. We looked at property on Samal Island. We stayed at paradise island for the weekend. Nice place. This was back in 2011. The place you guys are at is much more upscale then paradise island. πŸ‘

  46. Henrey , so pleased for you , Vee has such an open , lovely face , personality to match, tread carefully and nurture the relationship

  47. Wow it’s sureal that the blogger I’ve been watching is so close to my soon to be hometown. We built a beachhouse on that island on SE part of Samal thats almost done. A day of driving around samal is a nice tripping. The eastside has pristine waters great for snorkeling and diving.Prices of beachlots have gone outrageous though!

  48. Hey small world there sailor! I live in Samal about ten minutes walk to Island Garden City! Lets get together for coffee one day while you are here!

  49. Reekay, you’ve got the life, man. I ex-pated it for a few years in NE Brazil and then most recently in Angola and the DR Congo.
    I brought my wife over from Kinshasa on a K-1 (fiancee visa) in 2017. Our 3 year anniversary is coming up in April. She’s happy. I’m happy. You have a great you tube channel. Keep it coming. Much happiness and success to you. Mike from Miami.

  50. Even though spent long time in Vietnam. It’s the Philippines that always best shot at romance .

    1. @Reekay’s LifeBeyondTheSea Yep …guess they got their inspiration from their neighbors…bad ideas travel fast!

    2. yah, that new 30-day exit on tourist visas was quite the surprise. i’d heard a rumor last year but didn’t think they’d pull the trigger on it. goes into effect july 1st, 2020.

  51. Reekay’s you look so happy. Don’t think I’ve ever seen you grin so much. I’m happy for you man.πŸ‘

  52. To see you happy in love is an great thing. The journey has begun and Samal Island is a very nice place. I enjoyed my time there just hanging out with friends. I hope this is the beginning of the time of your life as this chapter of love begins.

  53. Reekay You fit right in that family, your girlfriend is a keeper! you are a wonderful human being, I hope I get to meet you both when I come.

  54. I’m so happy for you bro , you been through a lot and now you find someone to make you happy . l think she really love you , she is beautiful and smile a lot , that is wonderful . l wish you all the best and hope this love story will last .

  55. I like seeing you happy man! A good woman is blessing. Just found out we are having Twins. … oh my lol

  56. Beautiful location! I wonder how much it would be for two of you to rent a room for the night.

  57. good luck reekay u and your new girlfriend u think she is the right one i have been trying to find me the right one too i just got back
    from manila on my two week vacation i met two girls i had been chatting with but not sure if one of them was the right one might
    have to check out another one when i go back there again.

    1. Check out a dozen Gene, if you’re two-timing one you might as well make a job of it. You wouldn’t want to let a real catch slip by 😜

  58. I’m very happy that you did find happiness again in your life. That changes a lot on you, as everyone can see here. Thank you for all your good advice Reekay.

  59. Nice and peaceful place, I don’t see too many people there though…you look such a happy couple πŸ‘

    1. it was a weekday, and the resort is off the coast of davao, so just a bit isolated.

  60. Best of luck sir πŸ™‚ I say with the deepest respect your girlfriend is absolutely beautiful I wish you the best of everything πŸ‘πŸ™

  61. Nice. Now I am waiting for the vlog where you are swimming out to the island. πŸŠβ€β™‚οΈπŸ₯½πŸŠβ€β™‚️

  62. Sorry little confused , I thought you went to Vietnam , are you back in Philippines?

    1. i was in vietnam for all of 2019. i’m in the ph (for now) and looking to return to vietnam next year with my g/f.

  63. Reekay, I’m thrilled that you had a change of heart regarding your hesitancy in visiting Mindanao. Why the change of mindset?

    1. i originally came to davao for a visa-run from vietnam. i’d not been here before so i figured i’d check it out.


  65. Nice new intro tune, as well as some musical bits in the actual video. Inspiring content as well. Thanks Reekay.

  66. Looks a beautiful and peaceful place, if I had someone special I would bring her there, lovely video and beautiful lady, well done πŸ‘

    1. Fortunately it is easy to find an objectively prettier lady. But to find a financially independent lady with some general knowledge is more difficult.

  67. Great to see you happy and smiling from ear to ear again. Your heart belongs to a good woman from the Philippines. hehe

  68. Nice place. I see you got a new lady. Shes all over you buddy. Is this the one? Are you giving up on VN

    1. no, just taking time out for our relationship, and then we hope to go to vietnam together next year.

  69. WoW,,, at last you find someone to make you happy,,, worth the wait???, I think so,,, you can now be the Dynamic Duo of vlogers. best wishes, EXCELLENT.

  70. Mate if you put your girlfriend on your videos, your subs will go up big Great place, Great vlog, beautiful girl!!!

  71. You’re one happy guy in love. I’m happy for you man. I’ve followed you for so long, and have you noticed how your videos have improved since your original isolated takes in Bohol. Thanks for continuing to share your adventures. I’m living in the Philippines now, because of your influence. Thanks buddy.

    1. I noticed your Callaway shirt but I’ve not seen a vlog on golf; I wonder if you play?

    2. @oahu Guy. What area did you settle in? I’m on Oahu now but looking to explorer the Philippines!

    3. thanks, i do put a bit of time into it. for this video i had Vi next to me as i showed her the various steps into producing the final video. πŸ™‚

    4. Oahu Guy is right, your videos are getting better and better. Henry you are really perfecting your craft. I can tell you take pride in your editing. It’s a lot of extra work, but the finish product is really coming into its own.
      Having a new relationship has really added a new dimension to your content. Good job, and congrats on your new girl!

  72. Looked like a nice place… The beach, and ocean didn’t look to friendly… The Cabana, and fee were cool… I don’t quite understand why the day use fee per person was 700php… That seems quite steep, without any kind of meal or drinks… Thanks for the video, Henry…

    1. yes, i agree. a bit overpriced and they charged for everything they could, including for a lounge-chair at the pool. a litre of soda was almost $4. bottle of water for $2.

      a good place to relax for the day, but with rooms at $150usd/night, could get a better deal elsewhere at a bigger resort.

  73. I wasn’t able to watch this with the audio on, but wow, I didn’t really need to. What a fantastic place. The smiles say it all. You two were clearly happy. Congrats on your wonderful time there. Thumbs up bro!

  74. Such a pretty place with beautiful Vee..the sea waves were quite big and murky…was the weather ok?

  75. Looks a nice place Henry and you and your lady look very happy. Do you know how much the rooms are at the hotel?

  76. great imagery! Awesome, Reekay.Β  And the young lady isn’t shy, either! All the best!

    1. it’s a bit isolated and there are several other (about 25 other) resorts in the area. plus it was a tuesday, so not many people checked-in.

    2. Jeff Logue: hello Jeff, my family and I stayed at a beautiful resort similar to this one in Bohol and said the same thing. Renting the cabana for 750 pesos and 700 pesos for each person would be approximately 1/2 months of the average Filipino’s wages. That’s why there’s no one there other than OFWs, and foreigners.

      I tend to put things in perspective, if I was earning $500 per day, would I spend $5000 just for one day?

      Locals very rarely get to enjoy the resorts or fancy restaurants that foreigners do. God bless them.

  77. Reekay, this is so cool… you two look really happy together… how long have you been dating and if you don’t mind, how old is she…. Congratulations!

    1. @Reekay’s LifeBeyondTheSea Well done… If I’m not mistaken, didn’t you create some material on dating Asian girls?

    2. we met back in early september/2019. then did LDR until i arrived in the ph first week of january. we’ve been together since then. she’s 21, will be 22 in May/2020.

    3. It’s not polite to ask their ages.. Use your imagination, it’s more titillating that way.

    4. Eddie Jackson Who cares , just enjoy the ride as long as you can. Just don’t leave your wallet laying around !

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