SAN JOSE, COSTA RICA – Bad Experience, Beware!!!

What’s good Profound Travelerz! Check out our last video from our 2019 trip from Costa Rica. Specifically we focused on the city of San Jose. Our time in San Jose was overall unremarkable but not terrible. Several unfortunate things happen but some good happened also. I would definitely say San Jose is not a typical tourists attraction like Jaco or the Caribe side of Costa Rica. Any, keep back & enjoy, Profound Travelz!


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  1. Los países más caros de América Latina son, 1, Argentina, 2, Panamá 3. Costa Rica, Generalmente los países que tienen los salarios más altos son los países más Caros. Ejemplo, el salario mínimo en Nicaragua es de $90 por mes en Costa Rica $600 por mes. Si se quiere visitar un país barato revise sus salarios mínimos básicamente y no tanta estadística que existe alrededor de eso.

  2. It was your bad expirence! U got the worst! It doesnt apply for everyone! I dont the way u talked about my country ! All just negative Stuff! I met other people with such different opinions!

  3. Thank you for the great advise. That’s why I’m learning spanish so I can make my trips mas mejor

  4. Im costa rican, just want to point some things out:
    1: You can’t park in the sides of the street, of course you can gamble and maybe no traffic police would pass by in that instant, but thats just it, a gamble, you need to find a parking lot (they are like 1 dollar per hour) you leave your car there, and then walk to the shop, do your business, and go back to the parking lot.
    2: If your plates get pulled down, you are supposed to call a tow, not driving around plateless because thats illegal anywhere.
    3: Cartago is a poorer and smaller version of San Jos√©, your bad experiences happened because you didn’t had a friend to show you all the good places and all the good stuff, and also “central park” is not the central zone of san jose, “parque la sabana” is where the heart of the city is, basically a cutted in half version of NY central pahk

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