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Sassari (Things to do – Places to Visit) – SASSARI Top Tourist Places
City in Sardinia, Italy

Sassari is an Italian city and the second-largest of Sardinia in terms of population with 127,525 inhabitants, and a Functional Urban Area of about 222,000 inhabitants. One of the oldest cities on the island, it contains a considerable collection of art.

Sassari is located in north-western Sardinia, at 225 meters (738 ft) above sea level. The area rises up on a wide karstic plateau that slopes gently down towards the Gulf of Asinara and the Nurra plain. The city is surrounded by a green belt of thousands of hectares of olive plantations, which from the 19th century have partly replaced the mixed woodlands of oak and other Mediterranean trees as well as the maquis shrubland.

“SASSARI” Top 21 Tourist Places | Sassari Tourism

Things to do in SASSARI – Places to Visit in Sassari

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SASSARI Top 21 Tourist Places – Sassari, Sardinia, Italy, Europe

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