Scotland & Northern Ireland Can Leave The UK Now, BUT…

So much misinformation propagated from peoples anger, but angry isn’t an excuse to be misinformed 🙂 – Subreddit community!

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  1. 19:28
    And to those people I say: Eat sh*t and die.
    (I don’t mean to be racist by this okay)

  2. Scotland should be independent & N. Ireland revert to the Republic of Ireland or become independent.

  3. Terrorism not a great way to achieve goals, hmmm? seems to have worked great for Britain.

  4. Scotland will never achieve independence via the appropriate legal channels as long as the power for Scotland to be independent remains at Westminster.

  5. Scotland has no oil, the north sea has oil and any independent scotland woild not include the north sea

  6. Wales has been aligned with England for over seven hundred years. The nationalists in Wales are a small minority. The youth of Wales have no desire to leave the Union. The vast majority of adults of Wales have no desire to leave the Union.

  7. I was literally just trying to find out some facts to see the future of my country.
    Then I find a minecraft YouTuber.
    Though it is a very well informed

  8. Toycat: “The US was at one point just a rogue part of the UK and now is the most powerful country in the world, and the same could happen for Scotland”
    Nicola Sturgeon: *looks up*
    Toycat: “besides probably the second bit”
    *sad Scottish noises*

  9. With the way things are going on with this virus, there is little reason for Scotland and Northern Ireland to leave just yet but that could change in the near future because the problem in the UK is that we’ve had 10 years of austerity measures, then we’ve got Brexit to contend with and now we have the fallout of this virus, the hardship all of this could do on the UK could be massive and Scotland and Northern Ireland might not want to be part of that and would rather go it alone or rejoin the EU where they would likely get more help than our UK government is willing to give.

    On the other side of the coin, this crisis we are in now might change views in the UK on our position with the EU in that we might get a closer deal then some Brexiteers wanted or maybe even rejoin it sooner than some thought, a lot has changed since this virus out brake, so I wouldn’t rule anything out at this moment, I do know one thing, it’s unlikely to be business as usual as some think after the virus passes on.

  10. Unless they change something soon, the celtic Union will be a joke. What is the point of a Celtic union when most of the population is African and Pakistani? At this rate, they should just switch Ireland national symbol from a harp to a bingo drum.

  11. I disagree with your language. Scotland and Northern Ireland MAY leave the UK. But CAN they? Are they ABLE to leave? Neither are able to leave. Neither can leave. Because they cannot survive as independent nations. And if they were to join the EU after leaving, they would not be independent nations but merely vassal regions of the EU with no power whatsoever.

  12. Yeah but the bad thing that can happen is the Celtic union goes to war with England which wouldn’t be a good idea because remember what in world war

  13. By the time Scotland are strong enough financially to join EU there won’t be an EU

  14. I thought my life was going to be boring since the most epic and also horrible stuff happened in the past.
    I just realized we live in a time of peace that can fall at any moment.
    May Europe never fall, best of luck to you UK.

  15. Ulster does not want to unify with Ireland, greater Scotland (Scotland + Ulster) makes much more sense

  16. I can’t understand why the Scottish Parliament can not just vote for independence and why they have to ask London for permission. That’s like giving a child money and telling them they are not allowed to spend it. Northern Ireland should just become independent first and then decide what they want to do.

  17. “People saying Scotland will leave now” just like in Spain, governments don’t just give referendums every decade just because “the people want it”. The UK Gov does not want to lose Scotland. As long as the Scots don’t start massive riots or start a Scottish Republican Army, the UK Gov doesn’t really have to give Scotland another vote.

  18. Excellent analysis but wrong headline – should have been “Scotland & Northern Ireland Will Leave the UK, But When?”

  19. If Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland reunited, it would be the first time in history that the island of Ireland would be united and independent. But if Northern Ireland really did join reunite, Northern Ireland could go to shit because of the Republic of Ireland’s government’s unorganised ways. This is coming from someone who could see Northern Ireland by looking out the front of my house that I lived in for twelve years in a village that touches the river Foyle. It’s a river that runs between north and south Ireland.

  20. the celtic culture originated in the region now known as Austria…theres more actual celts in Europe than these nations claiming to be celts. And its definitely not genetic but more of a memetic uniformity, so it always perplexes me why these nations would claim celtic ownership, not that it matters. iron age still rocks.

  21. 8:34
    “The reason this one went to SF is that all the other parties stood down so that Nigel Dodds could lewd his seat”
    A truly noble cause

  22. ‘Celtic’? You say ‘Celtic’, but you do realise the English people are genetically Celtic people of R1b DNA.

    Linguistics gets in the way of ethnicity or genetics. ‘Germanic’ is a linguistic term and misused as people in Germany are more Celtic-Latin R1b, they like the English are hardly Nordic.

  23. Once in a generation was a comment made by alex salmond it wasn’t written down or part of the 2014 referendum policy so i wish people would stop using it as fact and a way of holding scotland in a union it entered freely in 1707 and has a right to leave freely if it wishes so. I know Westminster is supposed to represent the whole of the uk but lets not kid ourselves they basically had to bride the north of England to get votes promising the world to them. They did that in 2014 to scotland still waiting. Wake up its not about nations its a class thing and the rich are playing us like puppets and we fall for it every time.

  24. Ain’t gonna happen.
    I want them to have a referendum just to shut them up. It’s a win win situation. If they stay Great👍. If they leave we won’t have to listen to the crankies Even better 👍.

  25. Talk about diorhea of the mouth..LONG LIVE THE UNION.🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🇬🇧🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

  26. Ireland gained independence following the 1918 election with 49% of the votes but a huge majority of the seats going to the pro independence party. The SNP are close to that now.

  27. Slow down and talk more clearly and this would be an interesting video. As it is you voice is really annoying and distracting.

  28. Raising the good friday agreement isn’t a good point if the UK is willing to break it to leave the EU, ireland won’t stick to it and have no reason to stick to it if the UK doesn’t.

  29. I don’t see the positive argument for Northern Ireland voting to join the Republic of Ireland.
    NI would be choosing to become part of a weaker country and have less independence than they do now. It makes no sense.

  30. Why are none Celtic places included in this? Maybe Isle of Man is technically Celtic but the Shetland islands certainly aren’t.

  31. nah you got the bit about the northern irish nationalists supporting terrorism but wrong, foyle was once and SDLP stronghold thanks to the late john hume, the average nationalist doesn’t support terrorism

  32. You’re talking out of a hole in your arse!……..Learn some recent history, go to Scotland and speak to the Scots………..

  33. Scotland,Ireland and Wales are full of subhumam scum who dont deserve to live much less be independent.

  34. No, you don’t need other countries to recognise you. You need your own constitution, your own laws, your own government, your own parliament, your own coinage if you have to and your own army. + The government needs the right of force through domestic and foreign intelligence agencies. You don’t need recognition of other countries. + You need to have a fundamental historical past of your own folk that can be regarded as a nation. Scotland has that since it already exists more than 500 years. It has its distinct people and it had its kingdom. It already has a parliament.

  35. Just because the Scottish vote SNP doesn’t mean they want independence. .. that fact always amazes me the SNP main policy isn’t backed by the majority of their own supporters. Nearly a fifth of Scottish people live in the rest of UK they aren’t allowed to vote for independence of course.

  36. Oil is not going to keep the Scots in their muliti-billion overspend. The eye-watering overspend in Scotland will keep them in the UK. Taxing ginger hair will not keep things as they are. The overspend alone is £10 billion.

  37. Independence parties in Scotland (SNP and Greens) got 46% of the vote. That means only 4% is needed for a majority. I believe a good portion of Labour voters suppoted Independence before the 2019 GE result and even more will now. Also EU citizens weren’t allowed to vote in the GE and I reckon a good amount of them would’ve voted SNP.

  38. Interesting, thank you.
    Few points …

    ‘Scotland went blue for a little bit…’
    13/59 seats, for perspective, as you’re no doubt aware, this is the most ‘blue’ seats in Scotland since 1951 & lasted for just 30 months / ½ a ‘fixed’ parliamentary term.

    The ‘yellow’ party had a maximum of 11 seats until 2015 when it won 56/59 seats.
    They also became a minority Scottish Government in 2007, a majority Scottish Government in 2011, under an electoral system specifically designed to thwart majorities & are currently the largest & governing party in a pro-independence majority Scottish parliament.

    2014 IndyRef should ‘really’ be considered null & void in the realms of any true democracy because …
    1) the UK Scotland voted to remain part of no longer exists:
    a) EVEL
    b) leaving the EU
    c) Sewell Convention override
    d) power grab

    2) the VOW has NOT been honoured:
    a) We’re NOT ‘partners leading the UK’, we’re prisoners begging for permission to leave.
    b) we’re NOT ‘one of the most powerful devolved parliament’s in the world’ or arguably even in the UK.

    When applying arguments of combining loser votes, size of majorities, vote share & mandates … apply them to both the ‘blue’ party / Unionist / Leave & ‘yellow’ party / Independence / Remain equally.

    There is no comparison to be made between IndyRef vote share & 2019 GE ‘yellow’ party vote share as a guide to IndyRef2 result because we now KNOW the ‘blue’ / Leave party won a massive majority for a DEFINITE Hard BrExit.

    It is therefore likely approximately 25% of the ‘red’ & ‘orange’ parties would be added to the ‘yellow’ & ‘green’ parties IndyRef2 result.

    Edinburgh voted NO in 2014, Remain 2016 & please do take a look at the seats & vote share for both UK & Scottish elections in Edinburgh since 2014.

    (Section 30 Order letter)

    I’d be interested in your view / knowledge regarding UK / Scottish sovereignty, the Claim of Right & Article 1 of the Charter of the UN.

    I think the term ‘region’ is only used for economic & statistical data in relation to Scotland. I could be wrong but I’ve not heard of ‘regions’ gaining full Independence.

    Yeah the, ‘once in a generation opportunity’ thing:
    a) ‘generation’ seems to be a moveable feast in political circles generally but before IndyRef2 was on the table it usually meant 10 years.
    b) constitutional change trumps any campaigning rhetoric.
    c) the Edinburgh Agreement 2012 doesn’t time limit future IndyRefs.
    d) Irish Unification Border Poll sets an arguable precedent for 7 years.

    Scotland can hold IndyRef2 legally without Westminster’s permission but, so far as I know, can’t declare independence. What then happens with regard to recognition is different once UK leaves the EU to those of 2014, legally untested & therefore uncertain.

    ‘They don’t have enough seats & are in opposition’.
    Yep true but that’s not a DEMOCRATIC argument against IndyRef2 since the EURef was sanctioned based on:
    ONE ‘purple’ seat
    ONE ‘blue’ majority on 37% vote share.

    UK currency is Scottish currency. The issue is currency union … Some believe it’s desirable others believe it’s better to not be in a currency union.

    It ISN’T one election! You’re now refering to EURef not IndyRef2 mandateS:
    1) 2015 GE 56/59 FPTP 50%
    2) 2016 SE 59/73 FPTP 47%
    Total pro-IndyRef2 with List
    3) 2017 GE 35/59 FPTP 37%
    4) 2019 GE 48/57 FPTP 45%

    How about England declares Independence, gets whatever BrExit deal it wants & we all move forward from there 😉

  39. It shows this guy knows nothin

    There will never be a return to violence

    There is no majority in Northren Ireland cause 53% of Northren Ireland voted against Brexit that pushes 53% for a boarder poll

    Plus there won’t be two polls there will only be one poll it’s called a boarder poll

    Fact the alliance party is Anti Brexit & will back a boarder poll there is a majority how about you go look at your facts

    If England try to force Brexit in Northren Ireland & Scotland will leave & both are covered by leagal laws to. Do that &. It. Will happen in 2023.

    So wh at. A. Typical cal dumbb English person knows nothin about Northren. Ireland & Scotland

  40. despite that there would be 4 (3) diffrent languages is this celtic union (with only 2 beeing celtic one of them not having it as the main languages of the people (ireland)) and the other two beeing english and french. And of course there is a cultural divite between allmost all of them especially bretony.

  41. Can’t wait for Scotland to leave the U.K., and for Northern Ireland to unite with Ireland

  42. The union has long been broken Scotland wants out, N Ireland wants reunification with Ireland Wales wants out if you believe Plaid Cymru so the English nationalists will get what they want.

  43. How can you form a party based totally on racism and bigotry and yet call yourself a Nationalist Socialist party?, oh yeah, the NAZI’s, what was I thinking 🙁

  44. Without first past the post, no independent representatives would get into parliament

  45. If younger voters are upset by the election result, they should have got of their **** and voted. The country would now be staring down the same barrel that destroyed Venezuela.
    The Scottish Result went better for the SNP because the Labour and Liberal policies were not accepted and the Conservatives made little effort to fight north of the border.
    This election is not a litmus test for an IndyRef 2

  46. The name Great Britain goes back to William the Conqueror – derived from ‘Greater Breton‘

  47. A fully Celtic country would also include Galicia and Asturias in northwest Spain and of course Cornwall.

  48. Load of shit ..England is also a celtic nation ….check your history …the iceni from east anglia england were a celtic tribe , scotlands west coast are scandanavian , scottish aristocracy were mostly normans , the vikings populated the coastal towns of the irish sea on both sides …….i take it this is an ill educated propaganda video for the SNP …

  49. Good video; I had to rewind a few times either because I you talk so fast (though that was part of the charm). I was considering what would happen in Canada if the rest of the country ever told Quebec they couldn’t leave, or tried to set rules around a referendum (oy yoy yoy, there would be a civil war!) like Spain is doing with Catalonia. The last time Quebec almost left (the vote to leave lost by less than a percentage point, that was a very long night watching the results) before the vote there was a lot of heated debate about how much of the national debt they’d take, how much of the armed forces, would Canada pay Quebec for future pensions, old age security, and all manner of other entitlements or obligations, Montrealers warning of their own referendum to split away from Quebec and stay in Canada, would Quebec have transit rights through the Maritimes or even down the St. Lawrence estuary, Quebec wanting to continue to use the Canadian dollar (which would wreak havoc with monetary policy), etc., etc. It would have gotten very messy (I wonder how the Czech and Slovak Republics worked out all those things out? Hopefully if Scotland left the UK it would be more, ahem, amicable.

    One question, who decides when a referendum on Irish re-unification would take place? If polling shows that a majority of both area of the island want to re-unify is there anything in the Good Friday Agreement that says if Westminster could drag their feet on it (though I’m guessing most UK gov’ts won’t be all that broken up to see N.I. go no matter what their public stance is).

  50. I’m Welsh and I will never support joining a union with useful idiots who wanted to give the state the power to stop democratic votes being implemented in order to hand over their democracy and sovereignty to the EU. you’re all bonkers talking about wanting independence and at the same time wanting to join the unelected corporatist EU that allows Eurozone countries no independence at all.

  51. This guys explanation comes across as garbled; his delivery is very rushed, and has to keep correcting himself. He may have a valid point to make, but I lost the will to listen after trying hard for a couple of minutes. Maybe he should SLOW DOWN his explanation and make each point clearly. Also, referring to the Blue party and the Red party is NOT cool. Try calling them the CONSERVATIVE PARTY and the LABOUR PARTY – and talk about Tory seats and Labour seats – and then explain the percentage shares of votes of each party. He may (or may not) understand the complex political picture of Northern Ireland, but his delivery doesn’t inspire confidence. My advice? Dude – don’t give up you day job..!

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