SCUBA Diving at Isla Uvita, Limon, Costa Rica

LoPresti Kraus family dive in October 2018. We found Divemaster Eduardo that specializes in private SCUBA Tours. In his 50’s now, Eduardo left the capital of Costa Rica, San Jose to live in Limon in order to be closer to the sea. He has since been the three time national spear and harpoon underwater fishing champion of Costa Rica and has completed thousands of dives as a tour guide, underwater welder, competitive spear fisher, and simply as an explorer.

During our private tour, Eduardo assessed the conditions and told us 4 options that would be worth doing that day. We chose two dive sites both around Isa Uvita. After the first dive, he took us on a walking tour of the Island that Christopher Columbus landed at on his third voyage. We were able to examine the fossilized remains of the coral reef around the island from the earthquake of 1991. We ate a coconut after visiting the site of a monastery used for a leper colony and left for the second dive.

We saw a sea turtle, a 9 ft tarpon, lion fish, jelly fish, spiny lobsters, tons of colorful sturgeons, coral, anemones, and sponges. I highly recommend seeking out Eduardo for any dives on the Atlantic side of Costa Rica.

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