Scuba diving in Samal island and exploring Siargao island Philippines

Me and my boyfriend Dennis went to Davao Philippines all the way from Norway for holiday vacation. We decided to take scuba diving course which was supposedly 4 days course but we were able to finish the course in 3 days. Davao is approximately 1h trip to Samal island by car, well depending on where you are in davao. If you are staying near downtown area then the travel time is much lesser. And weather you take taxi, jeepney or rent a car, it wouldn’t cost you much since philippines is a “budget country”. Like everything is cheap that you can do whatever you want. The course itself cost Php 13000/ person. We took the course with Carabao Diving Shop after searching online and asking some friends in davao city.

This video was taken by the end of the course. Took a couple of dives and the last dive was down to a specific depth to pass the course.
And yes! we had lectures and then written exam. We passed the exam and got our international diving license. Yes its international license, thats correct!

After the diving course, we went off road trip to siargao island for 5days, which was not enough at all. I am truly out of words to describe how incredible our experience in siargao and how beautiful the island is.

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