scuba diving, Phu Quoc, Vietnam

Phu Quoc is a great island to do easy (very easy) dives. You can enjoy a lot of small life, because the big life is eaten, and you’ll see beautiful big corals. The dives we did (8 dives in 4 days) were not deep, 14 mtr max. So… diving here, when the current is not to strong, is really relaxed. We dived with Vietnam Explorer. Instructors and dive masters know how to do there job very well.
The crew is great. They listen to there clients and want to make everybody happy.
The food on the boat was always excellent.

Ofcausse, there are better places in the world for diving, but for me…. I was positive suprised.

Our diving places in 4 days: Turtle Island, Kim Kwy, Bat Island, Meerut, Dry Island, Buom Island

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