SCUBA Diving the Philippines – Critter Hunter full documentary

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In this documentary about marine species of the Philippines, I explore the country’s best dive locations, to film as many interesting critters as I can. Philippines offers some of the most rare and exotic fish species to scuba divers, and in this episode I explore the best the country has to offer.

If you like this Philippines documentary, let me know! Stay tuned to see where I go next, to cross more species from the list.

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  1. Wow justin this is the coolest documentary video I’ve ever seen, I love seeing sea creatures they are the most beautiful and colorful bravo super 👍

  2. Watched it start to finish buddy. Epic. That is some unbelievable footage. When I saw that it was an hour I was thinking that I’ve never watched anything longer than 10 minutes on YT. But the way you put this together kept it interesting and the hour flew by. Nice work buddy. To say I’m proud would be an understatement. Can’t wait for the next one.

  3. Justin’s footage quality is on par with anything you’ll find on the Nat Geo channel. This is a really engaging doco, well done!

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