Scuba Diving With Q – My First Time Scuba Diving The Mooloolah River #ScubaDive #ScubaDiving

Come scuba diving with Q, it’s my first time scuba diving in Mooloolah River on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland, Australia. I see some beautiful, colourful and weird marine animals and I get to check out (for me) a brand new dive site.

#ScubaDive #ScubaDiving
How to scuba dive



Michel Moeke – Showtime
Vibe Tracks – Cry

My name is Q and I’m a scuba diving addict… I’m also a PC gamer and a computer technician.

Subscribe to see my scuba diving adventures videos that are like nothing else you’ll see on You Tube, where my aim is to expose viewers to the underwater world and encourage them to try scuba diving. A new scuba diving video is released every Saturday at 12.30pm.

I also provide a midweek dive conditions report every Wednesday afternoon at 5.00pm for the Caloundra area of the Sunshine Coast, Australia to inform fellow divers.

When I’m not scuba diving, I video my PC gameplay and post a new video at least once per week. Currently I am playing ARK Survival Evolved.

Also, because most people can’t pronounce Quaeroveritas… Just call me Q.

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