Segovia, Spain, IN ONE DAY 11 July 2019 | Read what to do. HD

What to do and see in Segovia, Spain, in one day. Your quick guide to Segovia, Castilla y León, Spain.

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Segovia is a place of romance, a living legacy of the past in an inspiring setting. Perched on a rocky hilltop, this historic walled town boasts stunning views and magnificent monuments. The ancient Roman aqueduct, fairy-tale castle, awe-inspiring cathedral, exquisite Romanesque churches, and mystical monasteries reveal Segovia’s rich cultural heritage. Segovia is steeped in complex history, from the Romans of 80 BC to the medieval Moorish period and the coronation of Queen Isabel I de Castilla (Isabel la Católica) in 1474 in Iglesia de San Miguel (included in this video), and in its streets you will find reminders of all these periods. The majority of Segovia’s tourist attractions and things to do are found in the Old Town, an atmospheric medieval world of cobblestone streets, ancient alleyways, and charming squares. While discovering the top attractions, wander the narrow pedestrian lanes to find artisan boutiques, cafés, confectionary shops, and restaurants.

What to do and see:
00:06 Acueducto de Segovia & Plaza de la Artillería
00:40 Plaza del Azoguejo & Acueducto de Segovia
00:42 Iglesia de San Clemente
00:44 Plaza del Seminario (Plaza de Adolfo Suárez)
00:46 Plazuela de los Espejos
00:50 Plaza la Reina Doña Juana
00:52 Torreón de los Arias Dávila
00:54 Plaza Del Dr. Laguna
00:58 Plaza Medina del Campo & Torreón de Lozoya
01:26 Sirenas de Segovia, Plazuela de San Martín
01:28 Monumento a Juan Bravo, Plaza Medina del Campo
01:30 Iglesia de San Martín / Plaza Medina del Campo
01:32 Cárcel Medieval De Segovia
01:34 Iglesia de San Miguel
02:06 Plaza Mayor / Catedral de Segovia / Casa consistorial de Segovia
02:08 Casa consistorial de Segovia, Plaza Mayor
02:10 Catedral de Segovia / Plaza Mayor
02:22 Catedral de Segovia & Claustro de la Catedral de Segovia
03:04 Convento de San José (Carmelitas Descalzas)
03:06 Plaza de la Merced / Iglesia de San Andrés
03:10 Monumento a los Héroes del 2 de Mayo / Jardines de la Plaza Reina Victoria Eugenia
03:12 Alcázar de Segovia (03.12min – 04.24min)
03:16 Patio de Armas
03:18 Sala de Ajimeces
03:20 Sala de la Galera
03:24 Sala de las Piñas
03:26 Sala de los Reyes
03:44 Cámara Regia
03:46 Sala del Cordón
03:48 Iglesia de la Vera Cruz
03:50 La Capilla
03:54 Jardín Almohade / La Terraza del Pozo
03:56 Sala de Armas
03:58 Museo del Real Colegio de Artillería
04:00 Torre de Juan II interior
04:02 Segovia de Torre de Juan II
04:24 Muralla de Segovia / Iglesia de San Andrés / Catedral de Segovia
04:26 Plazuela del Socorro / Puerta de San Andrés
04:28 Puerta de San Andrés
04:30 El Poeta José Rodao
04:32 Paseo Salón Isabel II
04:34 Puerta de la Luna
04:38 Palacio de Cascales / Palacio del Conde Alpuente / Plaza Platero Oquendo
04:40 Casa de los Picos
04:42 Acueducto de Segovia

The Roman aqueduct is the symbol of Segovia and forms a magnificent backdrop for the historic city. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, this monumental structure has stood the test of time, enduring two millennia in a remarkably well-preserved condition. The Segovia aqueduct is one of the two largest existing Roman structures in Spain. Built during the “Flavio” period around 50 AD, the aqueduct channeled water 17 kilometers from the Acebeda River in the Sierra de Fuenfría mountains through a deep valley to the ancient city. A feat of engineering, the structure was constructed from 20,400 granite blocks without any cement, and the rows of 167 arches have held together in perfect form to this day. The aqueduct begins near the Granja Palace outside of Segovia and transports water through a canal until it reaches the city. The best place to view this monument is at the Plaza del Azoguejo, the hub of the Old Town, where the aqueduct reaches its maximum height. The aqueduct ends at the Alcázar in an underground channel.

Catedral de Segovia website:

Virtual tour of Alcázar de Segovia:


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