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SEOUL, S. KOREA | ✈️ 🇰🇷 | Vlog 2017「 Part 1」


A long overdue vlog

Here is me and my friend visiting Seoul for the first time. We clumsily walked through city and recorded some special moments and places in Seoul while getting lost in the neighborhoods, literally. During this trip, there were so many things that I discovered. For example, my friend, Aggie, can understand a full Korean conversation since she watches a lot of K-dramas and a lot of Korean words have the same or similar pronunciation as her native language (so that is a tip for anyone who want to improve your Korean, like me! ☺)

Shaky video my is unavoidable fate x( I legitimately borrowed my cousin’s camera for this trip since it’s small

Thank you for watching! Part 2 will be upload soon 🙂


Product used

↳ GoPro Hero 5 (filming)
↳ Canon Rebel T3i (photography)

↳ iMovie


Song used


♫ KASPER _ Lean On Me

♫ ZISU (지수) _ You Wouldn’t Even Know 당신은 모를거야

♫ Hoody (후디) _ Your Eyes (Feat. 박재범 (Jay Park))


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