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Shabu-Shabu Hotpot Buffet in Krabi Thailand. NEW THAILAND FOOD & TRAVEL VIDEOS EVERY WEDNESDAY! Subscribe: Eating Thai Food in Thailand: Shabushi Buffet | Thai Hotpot.

This is a meal my family and I had recently at a shabu-shabu or shabushi hotpot (AKA steamboat) buffet restaurant in Krabi Thailand. The restaurant is not far from the centre of Krabi Town and the food was delicious! They serve a wide variety of seafood (prawns, crab, mussels and fishballs), meat (chicken and beef), vegetables, mushrooms, noodles and tofu, as well as much more. The food is also Halal if you’re looking for Muslim friendly food. You can choose what you want from the floating boat buffet and then you cook it yourself in the hotpot/hotplate they provide. The range of food and the price certainly makes this a great eating option. It’s pretty hard to beat a Thai hot pot buffet!

The Google Maps coordinates for the restaurant are: 8.066323, 98.914021
Business Hours: Longruea Shabu & Sushi is open from 10:30am till 9:30pm every day.

The meal we had in the video was 475 baht ($15.20 US), including drinks. The restaurant is well located, clean, and comfortable and the staff are very friendly. I can definitely recommend visiting this place if you’re in Krabi Thailand and you love a good hotpot buffet. Check out my channel for lots more Thailand food and travel videos. Videos from Krabi, Phuket, Bangkok and lots of other parts of Thailand!

Thai cuisine and street food in Thailand has taken influences from many other styles of Asian cooking, including Chinese food and there are a variety of types of hot pot in Thailand. Hotpot buffets are in a dining class of their own and this one has an extensive selection of extremely fresh seafood, shellfish and meat. Surprisingly there were no long lines and crowds, but the restaurant is fairly new. After eating at this hotpot buffet we sure felt like we got our money’s worth!

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Krabi is about 2-3 hours from Phuket by land or sea, and has world class accommodation standards comparable to what you find in Phuket hotels and resorts, but in a more relaxed environment.

If you’re looking into Thailand Hotels have a look at hotels and resorts in Krabi. The islands and beaches of Krabi are famous for Thailand holidays, the movie The Beach was filmed on Krabi’s Koh Phi Phi Island.

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