Sightseeing in Vietnam, July 4, 2017 // #PhởbablyVIET

Day 3 was a more laid back and chill day, we first visited this new start up company which have open for business for a year and as our trip is actually an entrepreneur trip it fits the concept of this trip, we got to taste a few of their drinks andit was good! their bubble tea were sweet and nice! was a nice chill cafe for our morning drink.

Next we head over to the Saigon Green house restaurant for lunch and it was a lovelyyy lunch as the food was all really good and i enjoyed every bite of it.
After lunch we went to Chợ Tân Định a local market which sells local items and also lot of beautiful and colorful fabrics and all of the workers there are local and most of them can’t speak in english.

then we head off to Vicom Centre a mall with the cliche branded shops

The last stop for that day was saigon square and it was similar to Singapore’s Bugis street which sells a lot of trendy clothes and lots of local snacks too!

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