Singapore’s Budget Getaway: Batam, Indonesia!

See what Singapore’s budget playground is like. The top things to do in Batam, Indonesia.
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    for travelling to Batam & Bintan Island

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  2. Batam actually one of the tourist gateway in Indonesia after Bali and Jakarta. Most of tourist who went to Batam are Singaporean.

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  4. Yesterday I booked my trip to SE Asia, so excited for Singapore and Indionisia! Happy travelling!!

  5. Batam looks like a nice place to get away to for a couple of days. Much like it grew to be a day trip break for the people of Singapore.
    It was very clever of Matt to ‘forget’ the critical parts for the Go-Pro. Now you have an excuse to go back! 🀿

  6. Nadine!! You HAVE to check out Miami Fruit. Think it would really be right up your alley!

  7. Ahhh I’m literally in Singapore right now! Unfortunately I leave tomorrow so I don’t have time to head over to Batam, but next time I’m definitely going!

  8. Batam looks absolutely stunning, and that hotel looks awesome! I’m glad that you filmed the part where you forgot the GoPro cases; it shows that anyone can make mistakes. The jetski edit was totally awesome! Awesome video!

  9. you are the first youtuber I have ever watched Nadine!! Been watching your videos since 2011 even before you were a travel vlogger, when making lip synch videos, and singing with Olga and Shane Dawson! You are a great, you have inspired me to travel more as well! I have only been to Canada and Armenia! Both were great since I am an American, but my grandparents were Canadian!

  10. Is that the pool from the perfume commercial with Jennifer Lawrence? Nice trip. Thanks.

  11. Batam looks beautiful guys! We’ve shot a few vlogs in Singapore on long stopovers but never got any further out than the city. Batam looks like a top spot if you’ve got more than a day between flights, we’ll have to check it out next time. Also, loved the jet ski edit πŸ˜‚

  12. Jet ski footage, pure majesty! Amazing camera to capture you both on the jet ski and allow slo-mo in the edit with such clarity and realistic facial detail! That is a PRO travel vlogger power move! I don’t see other travel vloggers stepping their game up to this level of realism and capturing the raw emotion on your faces, which is what really conveys the moment. Quite moving to watch really. 😏

  13. Nadine’s bikini in the Bahama’s really spoke to me, but her one piece in the pool also grabbed my attention. She is killing it with the swimwear.

  14. When I was in Singapore a few months ago, I saw lots of advertising for Batam. I can see why since the island looks so amazing; another destination to add to my list. The jet ski section was just brilliant!

  15. South East Asia is always
    my favorite. HeyNadine, you gave me yet another travel goal to visit Indonesia’s Batam

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