South Beach Grill: Great Food Near the Beach – San Miguel, Philippines

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  1. Love to dine out in *The Philippines* with my wife & daughters, and friends. I love to introduce newcomers to Philippine cuisine, like Bifsteak Tagalog. My girls are so enthusiastic about the food and service, which normally exceeds service in The West.
    My wife loves the sea foods and prices ~ she can eat as much as she likes without worrying about me paying the bill 😂.
    Those “Thank You’s” and” You’re Welcome’s” are truly sincere and from the heart.
    Love the vlogs 👌

  2. You have the absolute best videos on the Philippines. Informative, easy-going and with humor. So pleasant to watch. My thanks!

  3. I was hoping to meet up with you Got some new condos going up in Bulka right now 8 miuntes from south beach

  4. Hey ! Do u know by any chance where I can rent a bike for a month or 2 cheap like u Rickey? But in luzon is where I want to bike first..

  5. Is the beach free to use?? in most of your videos there usually is a fee to use the beach. Food looked tasty.

  6. We have eaten there a few times. Really like the pizza. We used to live about 3 minutes away from the place.

  7. This is my favorite restaurant in Bacong. The staff is well trained and Mariel is a wonderful hostess. They have the best pizza I’ve had in the Philippines. I eat there about once a week and I highly recommend them.

  8. The food looks exquisite, and the whole package looks fantastic, thank you, Henry, for introducing the South Beach Grill, I trust your judgment and for sure I will try it on my visit to Dumaguete, soon I hope. Best regards/Ned

  9. I will go there. Good video, motorcycle rental. My question off subject is health insurance accepted in the Philippines besides philhealth again another God vid.

  10. Mmmm thin crust pizza. Lee Bromley looks familiar. Does he fly drones? I don’t remember if he’s the one who gave Bud Brown lessons on flying drones.

  11. they are very good on presentation and taste. the chef came out and asked us how we liked the food. very well-run establishment. i spoke with the owner a bit, he is very hands-on and it shows in the quality.

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