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Me and my two best friends set off for a trip of a lifetime last June and I finally put together a lil vid to showcase it! 😀 Disclaimer: I do not own the rights to the music used – They can be found below: Flume – Never be like you (disclosure remix) – The Chainsmokers – Paris (VINAI remix) – Into you (3LAU remix) – No products available.

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TH Tourist Spots 

Southeast Asia to London 2017 | Travel destination | vlog

The Top 10 Most Popular videos of 2017. We all have our favorite place that we love to visit in this earth every day. In this video, we’ll go over to the top ten most popular places in different countries for 2017, compiled from a variety of sources that track audience engagement, page views, and how many people are actually visiting the website. The inclusion of each of these websites in this list are the results from data compiled from millions of Internet users, data from local Internet service providers,…

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