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Shocking British Tourist Bottled By Bar Girl In Thailand

British Tourist Bottled By Bar Girl In Thailand This was the bizarre moment a blood-covered British tourist stumbled to police – claiming an angry hooker had hit him on the head with a bottle. The tourist, who has not been named, walked over to police at a checkpoint near the red light district in Pattaya, Thailand, at 4am. The holidaymaker – who police said was drunk – claimed he had been attacked by a bar girl. He said she had smashed him over the head with a beer bottle leaving…

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➢ Instagram: ➳ @jonnyrae ➳ @nicole1988x ➢ CHAPTER 5 – East Coast of Australia Roadtrip – Vanlife Diary This was the final fling! It’s been on my bucket list since I can remember. HOWEVER, I made a horrible mistake. Scuba diving can be quite dangerous at time and you really need to know/remember the basics. I FORGOT. Saying that, MAN what an experience it was! MUSIC – ➳ MELODISEINFONIE Ja$$ dreiedrissig ➳ us & sparkles – Love Mode – 08 Daisy Duck feat. Dave Bopp LATE JUNE Weave…

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