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Diving Philippines | Coastal Clean-up 2018 (Anilao, Batangas)

Diving Philippines | Coastal Clean-up (Anilao, Batangas) My friends and I (#MGirls) together with the #ShoalSeasters embarked on a #Scubasurera journey to Caban Cove & Tres Kwebas. 😅 Here’s a video of us doing what we love most while contributing to keeping the planet cleaner/safer for mankind and marine life. 😉 I’d like to commend everyone for a job well done. 🥇 Awesome teamwork guys! 🙌🏾 We were able to pick-up a total of 36kgs of trash. 💪🏾 Thank you Anna Varona of #CleanOurOceansProject for everything that you do and…

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Cambodia Part 3 : Clean Up Scuba Dive

Every Dive Is a Clean Up Dive! Reef Dive Resort runs clean up dives to help decrease some of the rubbish in the area. Because Koh Rong is a relatively new and small diving destination there is an endless supply of fishing nets, cages, plastic and other rubbish filling up dive sites. Clean up dives such as this will allow for the reefs to become the pristine flourishing coral gardens they deserve! Read About The Whole Day : ‎ Every Dive : Five Easy Ways To Eliminate Plastic:…

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