JP Nightlife 

THIS is Tokyo’s Night Life: Tokyo Bars, Japan

At night Shinjuku Ni-chōme in Tokyo Japan comes alive. Everyone packed in a tiny bar you can be shoulder to shoulder with a young hipster, an old businessman or perhaps another traveler talking about how your day went. Many are Gaijin Bars which means foreigner focused so there any many out of towners, however if you look a little harder you can and will find something more local feeling. Fortunately I had a local friend I met while climbing Mount Fuji who showed some more local and cheaper places. But…

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SK Tourist Spots 

Gamcheon Culture Village – Busan/South Korea

Another year has past by and another time we end up in South Korea. This time our destination is Korea’s second largest city Busan in the south of the Korean peninsula. First stop was the Gamcheon Culture Village, one of the top tourist attractions of Busan. No products available.

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