TH Nightlife 

Walking street pattaya “Russian Show girls Bar Galaxy ” 2019 – Show time Original #04

#Thaitravel #Thailandtravel #pattayatravel #pattayatrip ● Information about Here – BOSSMVLOG Travel Films 1. Destinations : Russian Show girls Bar Galaxy in Walking street pattaya 2. Google map : 3. Rating ★★★ or ★★★★ 4. Fact Check 1. Good Review Very romantic show,where you can enjoy with russian girl. 2. Bad Review Don’t go there pls. 2000 baht for private room = nothing, 1 girl ukraine dance during 2 songs. 300 baht / 1 beer bottle. ● For Subscribers & Youtube Viewers ● I Need Your Help so that I…

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Costa Rica 

Diving dream place, Cocos Island, Costa Rica in 2018

Diving trip to Cocos Island in 2018. Cocos Island is an island at the western side of Costa Rica, which is a Mid-America country. The famous of this island is its hammerhead sharks that swim very shallow for cleaning. I travelled by the vessel Argo, which provides a submarine experience for divers to go as deep as 300 meters. This can only be done by militaries or scientists. However, I chose a non right time to there because it was under the cycle of El Niño that the water temperature…

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