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Highlights | Scuba Diving in Cebu | PHILIPPINES

Before my first dive in Cebu for some reason my expectation was not so high. I don’t know why, but maybe because the city is so close. I have to admin I was wrong. Scuba diving in Cebu area is good and there are lot of things to see. Usually the trips start from Mactan near the big hotels. First dive spots are very near. In fact there is possible to see big school of sardines and plane wreck just on the front of Mactan few minutes from the dive…

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Cambodia Part 3 : Clean Up Scuba Dive

Every Dive Is a Clean Up Dive! Reef Dive Resort runs clean up dives to help decrease some of the rubbish in the area. Because Koh Rong is a relatively new and small diving destination there is an endless supply of fishing nets, cages, plastic and other rubbish filling up dive sites. Clean up dives such as this will allow for the reefs to become the pristine flourishing coral gardens they deserve! Read About The Whole Day : ‎ Every Dive : Five Easy Ways To Eliminate Plastic:…

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