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Cambodian Scuba Diving Adventure

On this project, you’ll land in Phnom Penh and experience the Genocide Museum where you’ll learn about the mass genocide of Cambodia. Then you’ll head down to the tropical island where you’ll live in a house on the pier over the water for the week! You learn to scuba dive off that tropical island and you’ll become Scuba certified, which means you can scuba-dive anywhere in the world. Here you’ll dive every day deploying coral reef pods to rejuvenate the marine life! One of the best parts on the island…

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Scuba Diving With Q – My First Time Scuba Diving The Mooloolah River #ScubaDive #ScubaDiving

Come scuba diving with Q, it’s my first time scuba diving in Mooloolah River on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland, Australia. I see some beautiful, colourful and weird marine animals and I get to check out (for me) a brand new dive site. #ScubaDive #ScubaDiving How to scuba dive Patreon: Facebook: Twitter: Subscribe: Music: Michel Moeke – Showtime Vibe Tracks – Cry My name is Q and I’m a scuba diving addict… I’m also a PC gamer and a computer technician. Subscribe to see my scuba…

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