Costa Rica 

Top 10 AFFORDABLE Costa Rican Hotels

Let’s explore the most affordable, yet beautiful resorts around the wonderful paradise of Costa Rica! ———————————————————————————————————–Welcome to our channel travel family! My husband and I are very passionate travelers, and we wanted to share that passion with you all. Our channel will have our favorite places and activities from around the world, travel tips, reviews and recommendations, travel vlogs, and most of all travel inspiration for both new and seasoned travelers. We welcome all comments and opinions, and would love to build a travel community for those who share our…

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PH Tourist Spots 

Iloilo City Philippines Travel Secrets ~ Are You Searching for Extensive Philippines Vacation Guidebook on the Market? Visiting, Doing a Job, Investing, Getting Married, or Leaving the Workplace in the Philippines? Do You Desire to Marry a Filipina and Bring her to Your Country? “Philippines Insider”, the greatest Philippines Travel Guidebook is a new eBook that presents you ALL of the detailed “inside” info from a 15 year Philippines travel expert. Discover every strategy, tip, method, technique, and tactic used. “Philippines Insider” is the best Philippines travel guide that will make you feel self-confident…

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SG Tourist Spots 

Trip in Singapore at Garden by the bay.

Trip in Singapore at Garden by the bay.Travel, Smart Car, Sofa Surfing, World Trip, Hints, Tips, Holidays, Secrets, Vlog, Guide, Couch Surfing, Safe Travel, Travel Abroad, Trip Advisor, travel log, travelling the world,must see attractions 2017, must visit places 2017, singapore must visit 2017, singapore tourist palces 2017, destination, attraction, beautiful places, culture, attractions, singapore, singapore travel, singapore tourism, places to visit in singapore, singapore tour, singapore city tour, tourism, singapore flyer, singapore attractions, tourist, tourist attraction in singapore, travel guide, singapore tourist attractions, singapore travel guide, travel, travel video,…

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