VT Tourist Spots 

VietnAm 2017 Travel Video!! (Ho Chi Minh, Hoi An, Da Nang)

Had an amazing trip to Vietnam in September 2017 to see one of my good friends. It is such a beautiful country and I hope to revisit again one day! Thanks for watching! Instagram// @emutheemu Vimeo// vimeo.com/emutheemu Email// EmuHaynes@gmail.com No products available.

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CM Tourist Spots 

Village Cambodian Food AMAZING,Cooking Curry Over Fire,Travel in Cambodia 2017,Cambodia Street Food

Cambodia food in village during festivalI went down the road in Phnom Penh city and found this interesting foods that people like eat and it’s tasty and cheap. It’s friend meatball and friend breads, fried hotdogs and other fried foods with their special sauce, chilly, adding some slide cucumber and Khmer herbs to make the taste good. People are gathering around this man cart asking for their fried meatballs with bread as they really want to taste it. The price is good. A set of half bread with meatball is…

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