Costa Rica 

TRAVEL VLOG: COSTA RICA 2018 | Lauren Peletier

DETAILS BELOW & WATCH IN HD ♡ Hello everyone, welcome back to my channel! As you guys may have seen on my social media, I went to Costa Rica. But what you didn’t see is the reason why.. As apart of the company I work for, we are all about giving back to the community. Even though this Costa Rica trip was to celebrate having an amazing year in 2017, we did something during our stay that was extremely heart warming. Nearly 140 employees, including myself, spent a couple mornings…

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AU Scuba Sites 


➢ Instagram: ➳ @jonnyrae ➳ @nicole1988x ➢ CHAPTER 5 – East Coast of Australia Roadtrip – Vanlife Diary This was the final fling! It’s been on my bucket list since I can remember. HOWEVER, I made a horrible mistake. Scuba diving can be quite dangerous at time and you really need to know/remember the basics. I FORGOT. Saying that, MAN what an experience it was! MUSIC – ➳ MELODISEINFONIE Ja$$ dreiedrissig ➳ us & sparkles – Love Mode – 08 Daisy Duck feat. Dave Bopp LATE JUNE Weave…

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