Teens do WHAT in Germany?! Clubbing, Motorcycles…

Hey everyone! I have five or six culture shocks that I’ve noticed specifically when it comes to being a teen in Germany (high school age). I hope you enjoy this video and if you have any other ideas or topics you’d like me to address please leave them down below!


  1. Hallo guten morgen wie geht es dir? Du bist sehr sehr wünderschön frau ❤ ich mag dich sehr ❤

  2. In Austria (or at least upper austria) teens are allowed to have beer, wine at 16 and vodka, schnaps and so on at 18. The legal age for smoking used to be 16 but was rather recently raised to 18. Also you are allowed to stay out until 12 from 14-16, as soon as you turn 16 you can stay out all night!

  3. 16 years old germans can have a “Moped” (max 15 horsepower) not a real motorcycle. they go max 28 miles per hour. from 18 on they can get a license for cars and real motorcycles.

  4. i mean i dont know your classmates but to be honest nobody in germany learns for school not even the day before the test…😂

  5. you can stay at partys in germany as long as you want even if you are just 16..
    also you need to show your identity card,
    a foto of an identity card from your parents, a paper from your parents that you are allowed to go and you need a person who is at least 18 to go inside with you…
    it sounds more difficult than it actually is, to be honest its pretty easy to get in a club.
    Most germans meet up to party from the age of 13…

  6. “187 is hard to understand because they speak so fast”

    – Kollegah left the chat

  7. The top speed of the motorcycles you can drive under 18 is limited. They are still pretty fast compared to American standards I would guess. You have to wait till you are 18 until you can drive 300 km/h on the Autobahn though.

    Edit: Yea some clubs they take your ID. It’s not extremely strict though.

  8. Klingt einfach so als wären ihre Freunde alles Leute die wir als Assis bezeichnen würden

  9. Shisha is an arabic water pipe.
    Don’t let you fool. They have no legal reason to take your ID.
    In fact you could also prohibit a police officer to touch your ID.

    You may only enter places in the age of 16-17+ if they don’t oppose a threat to you like, Pubs, Night clubs, amusement arcade or brothels

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  11. yeah the popular german rap, is also not my thing but try listem to TJ Beastboy or Alligatoah like this is different believe me ( i am swiss but i have like alot of german friends and yeah i watch german youtube and yeah the music taste of the teenagers is actually similar to the german ones)

  12. Dieses Video hat mich erinnert dass Farbenblinde Frankreichs Flagge sehen wie sie wirklich ist

  13. Boi what the fuck is going on with people saying that the Germans watching people react to their culture are racist? Christ, we just wanna know how other people think about our culture and what’s different to them upon arrival! For f*cks sake

  14. shisha and 187

    i am sorry but you are in the echo chamber of shitkids and not representative for normal teen things
    might be the german equivalent to knee low pants suburban hiphop kids feelin ghetto and rebelling against the grown ups – but from the outside its just a joke

  15. Me: knowing all of what she says, because I grew up in Germany and lived in the US too, having to study but still watching the video hahaha

  16. I think it is more of a Bavarian thing to study that hard. A lot of german schools reduced their years from 13 to 12. Most other states reduced what students have to learn. Except Bavaria didn’t I really feel for them. I think in other states they don’t have to learn that much.

  17. Ok she is cute… you’ve been in the wrong place in germany lol

  18. when i was a teen there was some good german musik and some good international musik. now its sadly mostly trash all over the place (and no its not because young ppl musik)

  19. Wow you uploaded this December 2019 and kindly asked for 1000 subscribers. 5 Months later you got 35k 🙂 You definitely deserve it! Congratulations!

  20. we’re not dedicated to school, we’re constantly pressured by teachers and our parents to do good and the school system in germany is way harder than in the us. we don’t have multiples choice tests or such which is why we actually have to study and can’t just wing things

  21. So cute how she always makes sure she doesn’t offend anyone at the beginning of the video I think it makes her very likeable

  22. German youth has a very weak culture imo, that’s why it is so strongly influenced by turkish culture (Shisha, Rap, flexing)

  23. At pretty much every point you say “I don’t really know”. Couldn’t you have asked your german friends or simply google it? Would be much more informative.

  24. Its funny to see what you think about german people, especially because I’m German to😂😂

  25. “FC Dortmund” 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  26. The motorcycles you can drive at age 16 are limited to 125ccm so they only do like 80-100km/h. Also they are called moped not Motorrad. Also studying heavily depends on the type of people you surround yourself with. Most students study literally not at all or very little

  27. You also could have mentioned techno clubs. Especially in Berlin (where techno was established) there’s a huge clubbing culture. But it’s not comparable with “normal” clubs.
    Like in those “normal” clubs there’s pretty crappy charts music playing, it’s way to light, there are always some middle aged men trying to flirt with you and everyone is like WAY to drunk
    In techno clubs on the other hand, you go there to dance and enjoy the music (instead of flirting with ugly old men all the time), it’s much darker inside, and the people are so much more respectful and friendly

  28. The school system is germany is terrible. I don’t even want to start writing about how bad it is because I wouldn’t find an end. The system is from the 1920s. It is outdated.
    After 13 years of school (or longer if you had to repeat class/es) you genuinely ask yourself if you’ve learned anything.

  29. german school is wayyy harder than american school and the level of education and studying required is much higher. I know a lot of people who went to school in America for a year and they laughed at the school there since they were so much better than their american classmates, in every single subject

  30. Ugh I hate it when teenagers are smoking or drinking alcohol.🙄 Especially when they’re in 7th grade.🤦‍♀️ Guysss you are destroying your body!!

  31. Yes you are right, German music is trash.☹️ And the most German rappers aren’t German.😂

  32. I am german and hate the german rap music. Rappers like Capital Bra, 187, Mero, … All the people with low iq are hearing this trash.

  33. I am German and I have never even heard of 187 ^^ And I am rather shocked that American teens drive cars at such a young age and even without taking driving lessons if I got that right.

  34. There are differences between the motorcycles. A “Mofa” (maximum 25 kmh) you are allowed to drive with 15 years already:


    A “Motor Roller (Vespa, Scooter)” you can also drive with 15 years, in some German states you need a license (have to do an exam):


    If you want to drive real motorbikes: With 18 years you can make the driver license class A2 (machines up to 35 kw power). If you pass a further exam after 2 years you can drive motorbikes class A (all big machines).

  35. Girl, that’s not Germany, that’s the entirety of Europe 😂 I’m from Barcelona and everything you’re saying is exactly the same

  36. You are very welcome in germanistan, but if america keeps sending theit top gene material i fear for their future.
    Anyways, welcome 😀

  37. you can actually make aufsicht for somone so you can stay longer in clubs the others person must be 18 and your parents have to agree to it by paper

  38. hmm, well i study the night before the tests..
    its not a germany thing.. it just depends on the person
    also when i was a teen people used to study days ahead while i, like i already said, just study the day before

  39. in Germany not everyone smoke, drive Moterbikes and hear Deutschrap. There are too people who listen to calm music or from other country’s or listen to Schlager 😂. So not everyone here is like your friends 😊 no hate

  40. German teens are insane.And tasteless.Most of them atleast.I want to move to australia, so my children don’t get fucked over by other kids.

  41. stell dir vor du machst ein auslands jahr in deutschland und dann kommt corona und sagt nein

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  43. *Kind kommt sternhagelvoll um 4 Uhr Nachts nach Hause*
    Mutter: Schläft.
    *Kind langt mit der Gabel in die beschichtete Teflonpfanne*

  44. I don’t smoke and I’m very proud of it!! They don’t take your ID (at least where I live but I live in northrine westfalia) they just look at ur birthdate 💛

  45. I’m form Germany, and one thing I have to say. The Rap Music is just specific to your friends. there are a lot of German teens who listen to rap, but there are also many who listen to Rock, EDM; Metal, Jazor other music. Also for most people who I know that listen to 187, they see it more as a meme.

  46. In berlin there are not allot of teen clubs 85 percent of clubs u can get in at 18 and about 15% are for 21 and up

  47. It’s NOT normal that teens are smoking shisha here!!!!! Pleeeeeeeease don’t do it 🙇‍♀️

  48. Warscheinlich fahren 125er schnell. Ich kann es gar nicht abwarten mal ein richtiges Motorrad zu fahren

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