1. Good video. Just a few more assignments and I will be there. Probably September. Hope to see you.

  2. I’ve been in Thailand through the summer. The rain and humidity got to me. Besides, even “paradise” gets old after a year or so. I would still like to travel. And that’s not possible now. Rob, if you leave Thailand now, I don’t think you could get a flight back until sometime in 2021. But that’s just my guess. Could be further out. I’m glad you’re enjoying yourself where you are. That’s the key to happiness.

  3. Buying a one way was either very brave or an act of desperation. Either way, congrats on how its worked out well.

  4. Nicer weather in Seattle now. …. I was in Phuket last Christmas though—hot, but always a nice breeze.

  5. I came to Thailand on a round trip ticket (just as a precaution) last October. My intention was to find a teaching position and stay. Long story short, I didn’t use the return ticket…

  6. I agree with you on both counts… a) you are not rubbing anything in anyone’s face, b) it is pretty damn nice!

  7. Is this April 1? We have tickets for January from USA but doubtful to come, we’ve come 10 years in a row. More somtum for you this year.

  8. Outside the school…usually full of driftwood there. Never seen the ocean so close to the road at that spot Rob. 🐿

  9. Rob, You are rubbing some of our noses in it. I’m supposed to be in TH now (doing the preliminaries to move over permanently early next tear), but a little virus issue means I can’t get any ticket. one way or return…

  10. All great in Rawai. On a road trip, kinda enjoying the dearth of tourists. Sorry for the Thai workers tho. Love Thailand 😎😎

  11. It sure is nice 😀 Thanks for reminding me that where I am sucks. For a moment I thought it didn’t suck but I was just delusional lol. 🙏

  12. Get in the water, Rob… Chest deep… Then tell me how nice it is. 🙂 Come on, Man… Get in the water!!! LOL. Just messing with you. Nice view. Thanks!

  13. I haven’t been too Thailand but I sure would love to call it home.

    Maybe soon I will.

    Lucky bugger Rob…

  14. No, you’re rubbing in our faces. But who can blame you? I’m stuck in the US and it’s a bloody nightmare here. Cheers.

  15. 0:37 Rob it’s virtually impossible for Americans to travel to Thailand now. American tourists won’t be welcome there for a very very long time. 😔

  16. hi rob!been watching you since around 250 subs.would you not say that you are a good example of that when shit hits the fan it does not has to be all 
    that bad?:) cheers

  17. Now you’ve mentioned it Rob , I don’t mind kipping on your sofa, just a poor boy looking for a way out, I will let u know when I’m on my way mate very soon 🙏🤞 ps: I feel that I know you really well already Buddy

  18. If I could get a one-way ticket there, I would. I’ve even scoped an AirBNB in Kamala that has decent monthly rates.

  19. Nice idea Rob but it’s not possible to buy a one way ticket to Thailand, well, actually it is, as long as one can show an onward travel destination ticket at check in. 😊

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