1. To view the whole skyline of Singapore in the evening with lightning show was magnificent. Flowers is beautiful and the food at buffet got me hungry. Go and get a bunch of grapes and graze. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  2. I love the room tour section of this video. This is just what I need because I am looking to book a hotel that has the Singapore MBS view for me to do a day to night time lapse. Thank you so much! 😀

  3. why the hell the menu is in Italian… I’m Italian and I struggle to finde my language most of the time they put Spanish 😩🙄

  4. The Fulletron Bay Hotel is a Luxury five star hotel with Magnificent interior and a touch of traditional element with modern architecture

  5. I’m visiting Singapore from Dec 20-24 and then Hong Kong and the Maldives from Dec 27-Jan 3 on SA first class! And the A350 ULR business class from Los Angeles. But before my return home on the fifth I’ll stop at Sri Lanka in the Yala National Park for a few days as I saw on your blog.

    I have watched your videos but still can’t decide which hotel to stay in Singapore. Could you please suggest to me the one with the best location and service? Also I’m a Bonvoy platinum elite so a bonvoy suggestion would work too! Thanks!

    Btw I’ll email you about my stay at Soneva Jani for those two free experiences soon

  6. Majestic !! The wealthy traveller really has a very discriminating taste. The Fullerton Hotel in Singapore is a true testament of luxury.

  7. I’m so jealous envy and chill at the same time when watching your video. It’s so great

  8. i hate when food is not covered in the main dinning room of a hotel. I don’t need the worlds germs on my food. basic hygiene

  9. Dear The luxury travel expert,I hope you can take a tour video on Park Hyatt Siem Reap and Four Season Tented camp,Golden triangle please make a video on that hotels and resorts

  10. Do you ever get interrupted with questions while filming? Because on on end it seems like you’re invisible to everyone around

  11. Another inspiring video!
    Not sure if you’re trying to remain anonymous, but thought I’d give you a heads up that we can see your face in the mirror somewhere in this video

  12. Thank you. You truly make me feel like I’m in a beautiful dream so far away from my home.🌸🌸🌸🌸🌺🌺

  13. What a fantastic video. I hope you had a great time. Thank you so much for sharing. So inspiring.

  14. Is it ok to use the google earth on the video and the earning still goes to you?. Thank you and new subacrber here.

  15. If there’s one thing for certain, the LTE will always be more impressed with a hotel/resort with a magnificent reception lobby that flows through and sees through……

  16. This is one of the most beautiful hotel in that area, besides the Fullerton Hotel. Imagine the restaurant is formerly a pier where people embark and disembark from boats in the surrounding sea. When the whole of Marina Bay front did not exist back then. Love it. Great review…….

  17. So happy you reviewed here as was looking at this hotel and wondering if worth the price in AUD.

  18. the Luxury Travel Expert
    Hi there LTE. Hope you don’t mind me asking, have u considered going for 4k filming equipment? I would be more than glad to make a donor via Patreon! Thank you.

  19. you took a very nice view of Fullerton, unfortunately I did not even consider Fullerton. I stayed at the ritz carlton and marina bay sands. now that you shown how beautiful fullerton bay hotel is, i may reconsider. Why i didn’t choose it? tripadvisor and reviews.

  20. Have I ever been to the Fullerton? I’m afraid I don’t have the financial resources. Who do you think your audiences are???))))) I mean no offence whatsoever. You live in a different world to the one I live in)

  21. my office is there. boring place. my view is much better though; I could see the vastness of the sea and sentosa.

  22. I’m beyond stunned at how GORGEOUS this hotel is. Your videos are never short of being AMAZING!! Thank you for letting me travel along with you through your professional, detailed videos.

  23. Yes, this is one of your BEST videos, but unfortunately i have no money enough to pay It. Great music too. Thanks a lot from Buenos Aires.

  24. Stayed there in 2018. It became one of my favorite city hotels along with the likes of The Upper House, All of the Peninsulas, Raffles, and the St. Regis LeGrand in Rome. It was flawless without being overbearing.

  25. Please review the raffles hotel singapore, I was in Singapore last week but didn’t stay at raffles. And the sad news is, that you can’t going into the lobby if you aren’t stay.

  26. The Luxury Travel Expert, please, please respond this time. What is the music which runs from track times 16:53 to 22:57. Thank you.

  27. Eggs bene in Singapore! The modernism in the Marina Bay area is intense! Sensory overload! I loved your suite with the teddies and A+ amenities. The public areas and restaurants were gorgeous. Singapore is a place I will probably never have a chance to visit, but it was nice to “travel” there with you, Dr. LTE. So thanks for the trip!

  28. I always on happy when watching your hotel’s clips. Such a great review!
    I was wondering, will you make any hotel tour clips in one of premium hotels in Jakarta? Such as Hotel Indonesia Kempinski, Fairmont Jakarta, Raffles Jakarta, Four Seasons Jakarta, or The Westin Jakarta.

  29. I don’t know what you do for living ,,, but your life style is my dream life style man … wow

  30. The hotels are so interesting, you don’t even have to leave the property to have a good time. I would be checking out every elevator, including stairwells, not just the pools and restaurants. Those three connected buildings look nicer at night.

  31. Amazing Video again! Will there be a review of the Burj Al Arab any time soon?

  32. Very nice. Lovely colors. Sedate. Geesh! All those lasers must be driving the cats crazy ! 😊

  33. Another Masterpiece buddy gotta say I don’t know how you afford to go to the places you do but I don’t care because your videos are that good I would love to stay at this hotel and watch the Grand Prix it would be a dream holiday keep up the great work take care👍👍


  35. How do the guest rooms at the FB Hotel compare to those in the older Fullerton Hotel, assuming you’ve had a chance to stay in the iconic Fullerton Hotel?

  36. How can a 5 Star hotel staff maintained on the buffet table an empty food dish. Shame. They must renew each time when the food be few on the dishes. How did you feel? ☹️

  37. The buffet was impressive! Especially the dinner buffet. First time seeing an empty dish on your channel. Whatever was in that bowl must have been really good 🙂

  38. Wonderful! Always enjoy Singapore. If possible, please go and visit Raffles in Singapore. Keep up the good work!

  39. i have been to this hotel and it’s such a wonderful place. thanks for this excellent video. i intend to visit again soon 👌👌

  40. Wow! I especially loved the pool sequence. Nice! Seems that despite all of the energy of the area, the hotel offers a relaxing place to stay. Another great video! Thanks! Oh, I would have had the fish congee for breakfast, after the salad with smoked salmon. 😁

  41. Your pool sequence was seemless. I thought your music choice worked perfectly! Thank you for another great video vacation! I enjoyed it!

  42. Thank you for posting this video. It brings back lovely memories, as my wife and I spent a fabulous week in this hotel in October 2016 for an anniversary. The hotel was fabulous and the staff could not have been nicer or more helpful. I notice someone referring to Singapore as simply a theme park and not a holiday destination. I could not disagree more. We spent 1 week there and never ran out of things to see or places to go, from the fabulous Botanic Gardens, to museums, Raffles Hotel, Gardens By The Bay and of course shopping in Orchard Road. If you add in Chinatown, Little India and lots of fabulous restaurants etc, you would need to be hard to please if you could not find something interesting to occupy your time. Anyway, we hope to return one day, both to Singapore and this hotel, as there were many things we did not even have time to experience. There is also an underground link between the Fullerton Bay Hotel and the main Fullerton Hotel which makes going between the 2 much easier, as you don’t need to cross the road.

  43. 🌴 Beautiful Singapore . This hotel is one of the best hotels in Singapore and has a high rating (Also, this luxury hotel should have free airport transfer service for all rooms) . In my opinion, if you are going to try different hotels in Singapore, Be sure to try these hotels : Fullerton Bay Hotel – Ritz-Carlton, Millenia – Four Seasons and Resort World Sentosa in Sentosa Island . But if you want to stay in Singapore for the first time, Your first choice for the first 5 days should be Marina bay Sands (Specially in top Suites) . Because, the main Singapore’s tourism, along with Singapore’s hospitality and technology are in this Complex, and you have access to all the basic amenities with a walk (Gardens by the Bay complex, Sky Park, Shopes at Marina bay Sands, Helix Bridge, Singapore Flyer & ….). In general, modern Singapore tourism is Marina bay Sands 👍🌴

  44. I loved this hotel it is very comfortable and an ideal base to stay and explore Singapore!

  45. Love seeing your videos. I shall never travel to or stay in these sorts of places so it is fun to see what’s behind the doors 🙂

  46. Are you also going to do a tour of Four Seasons Singapore? I m traveling to FS in April this year and would love to see the hotel through your lens

  47. have had an experience for 4 days in 2016, I would say time flies but Fullerton bay never changes!

  48. Love your videos and hotel reports, BUT you should think also about your fellow travellers that are cigar smokers, and include a few words about the availability of smoking areas in the hotel tours …… for exemple, at the Fullerton Bay, smoking isn’t allowed “on the premises” (except at the Lantern, in a tiny dedicated area), which is a deal breaker for many cigar smokers (smoking isn’t even allowed on your private balcony BTW). Thanks in advance, and keep up the excellent work !! ))

  49. When did you film this? I was in Singapore the week before Xmas. While there was a great atmosphere about the place as all the shops had decorations up and I saw what must have been the world’s tallest indoor Xmas tree next to the waterfall at the airport, it rained all the time and the tops of most of the tall buildings around the bay were obscured by low cloud cover. It is a great place to visit however.

  50. Singapore is like going to a theme park. It’s all man made. But there isn’t much to do if you like natural beauty. I’d probably stop in Singapore but I wouldn’t treat this as a holiday destination.


  52. Swanky hotel The Fullerton….. Singapore elite hotel. The wealthy traveller really has a good taste. Life well traveled.

  53. My hubz and I are planning to go to Singapore, Australia (Melbourne and Sydney) and the Solomon Islands or Vanuatu. We are indecisive between Solomon Islands and Vanuatu. 😁

    I saw your review of the Marina Bay hotel. The swim pool looks so amazing. Now watching the Fullerton hotel made it difficult to choose. 😂 This hotel looks super chill and not crowded like the Marina Bay hotel.

    So our question: which hotel is your favourite?

    Enjoy your Saturday.

  54. I love the way they display the beautiful flowers it is stunning (◍•ᴗ•◍)❤

  55. its a miserable day huh, watching u experienced and reviewing luxurious hotel while im sittin in a below average flat 😅

  56. Thank for showing the great hotel.. I don think I get the chance to stay there.ooo nice bears in u room

  57. Try Ayana Resort Komodo Island, Labuan Bajo, Indonesia seems an excellent resort from many reviewers

  58. Amazing video. It looks so relaxing, even though it’s in the middle of the city. Awesome.

  59. My office is right next to this hotel. I would have loved an opportunity to come and say Hi to you!

  60. I went go to singapore in Fullertenbay lantern bar last year. !!!!!

    I’ve been waiting for the video fullerten👍 This video help for me
    I wanna go to fullertenbay hotel🙏🏻 but too expensive 🤣 but I will be go to the fullerten someday 💘

  61. First!

    Edit: I want to thank my parents for helping me succeed this task. The first time you comment first on a video – i will always remember this moment.

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